100 thoughts on “EVERYONE’S GETTING RICH EXCEPT FOR YOU | I Can’t Believe It’s Not Gambling

  1. I butted when I saw the present twins and at the same time mark smacked his lips and now I can't stop thinking about mark smacking his lips to my nut

  2. Honestly I though the "reactions" seemed weird he a mature grown man laughing like a maniac about…..boxes idk it seemed fake or staged it was so surreal.

  3. This is how drug dealers are made
    Stage 1- Lootbox Addiction
    Stage 2- Casino Robbings
    Stage 3- Drug Stealing for Money

    (Totally not made by Mark)

  4. 14:36 Mark becomes The Joker. It turns out… the Joker's origin story is he is just addicted to loot boxes and commits crime to pay for his addiction.

  5. in this video shows how loot boxes not only is gambleing but it grips you and shows that once you start it's hard to stop and the more you play it the more you enjoy it even thoe it's rigged to make you feel like a winner even thoeits just box skins
    the fact that you get a reandome chance or think it's a randome chance makes you think you got rare items with in the end make little difrence in the game for egsample he chose skins for he had crests abut fergot about them and lose interest in them thenseciond he moved on to the next one.
    in other words the lot crests by themselfs gives you a fals sense of reward king enouph to keep yu playing keep you opming boxes and k erp ypu spending on stuff you ferget about easily

  6. the thing is the it's like a contract we pay them mony and they give us stuff and we like stuff…..but stuff fades…..when you have products that ar flashy but don't have eny structure like a in game purpose behind them like a peace to a back story or a clue to a mis tery or some thing and just give us stuff that. don't make us thing at all….we want to move in witch is we're the addicting part comes in……the promis of the stuff geting better or. meaning some thing the nest creat opening gets us egsited over stuff that only has meaning cus we let it have meaning …and in the end all we fer is a closet full of useless items and a trunk of fake happyness and full hope

  7. This is probably the cutest video of Mark I’ve ever seen 🤣 the way he lost his mind over the box on a box on a box in a treasure box

  8. a recording of a man's decent into madness
    future generations will look back on this one day and think how mad we all must've been

  9. I would love to have Mark play this for like a 2-hour live stream wear something just for shit's and giggles

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