EXPERT PLAYING CARDS – Are they worth it??

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100 thoughts on “EXPERT PLAYING CARDS – Are they worth it??

  1. Honestly on the S&C deck, I would have preferred just like a silver without all the holo…. red and silver/grey.

  2. I've been practicing magic for a little while, I'm not expert by any means but your channel is hands down the best. Plus it's super entertaining, plus I've been learning all my flourishes and card controls have become so much more natural and slight thanks for the help!!! I've been binging every episode learning all I can to improve. Also thanks for some of the best card controls (in my opinion) in the business

  3. That's the best part about McDonald's in Canada you can get hockey cards..not here in the states though…every time I went to Canada for hockey when I was younger I used to love that.

  4. Anyone else notice the Bolder deck is a one way deck but not in the traditional sense? Take look at the indices…does anything look "bolder"? Love this deck. Chris you're such a card snob lol. The back design is based on back design from the mid 1800's. Also noticed tonight that David Blaine is the King of Spades…..heh…am I the only guy seeing this stuff?

  5. Exquisites Or Bolder I seen those before at a Undead Dead Show Like the look even now are they available for sale now I wonder Magically on the list Eyes out foe

  6. my favorie ist the monarchs blue deck….
    i like the skull n bones back… gives a little bling bling in ur performances XD

  7. lol i just realise you are from quebec and so you speak french ! i think you are american for a long time sorry for that lol!

  8. Like the chosen, the back of the skull and bones are a bit too busy (ya know makes it hard to focus on them)

  9. Them shuffles at the end we're mind blowing. SERIOUSLY, I watched the queen of clubs sheffle right at the end over and over, and I'm still in the dark!!!! 😊 👏👏👏

  10. So I openly admit I’m a simple southern person, but wth am I watching? Does he have 2.4 million subscribers off of playing cards? And who cares about playing cards, is he some high roller in poker or something?

  11. Coolest channel I’ve ever stumbled upon. Binge watching seriously every video. The quality is amazing and every video is so interesting. Love it and happy I subscribed

  12. I like the design of the Skull ones. They look great for a good night of poker hands with the fellas.

  13. The parts with hands and cards with music is so relaxing and interesting. Can you make a montage of just that?

  14. You still have those skull and bones cards? You should've offered them as a give away or something. I really liked them.

  15. Chris! You mentioned Magic the Gathering, so I was wondering if you have any cool ways to shuffle a sleeved deck, if you know what I mean. Love your puzzle videos and card flourish tutorials!

  16. Yep, that back design does look aweful. All that for a clunky box too? Nah, I'll pass, but what I would like to have is some of those green back Wheels.

  17. My dream is buying 1st playing cards and they made by an awesome YouTuber and magician his name is Chris Ramsay #RamFam 👍👍👍

  18. "Is that a deck in your pocket or are you just happy to do magic for me?" I think those were the words you were lookin for =P

  19. The design on those Exquisite cards remind me of the old school 80s skateboard decks, specifically the Gator design. This is a photo of a Gator skate deck

  20. where can one buy the CHOSEN cards? I've searched and searched online, but I cannot find any place that actually has them. Would love to buy one or two decks to play with (because their back looks simply amazing).

  21. "They look like a nightmare after eating too much chocolate", You been eating some hallucinogenic chocolate?

  22. My favorite are the gold monarchs and I'm super glad that you're starting to make more cardistry videos. Keep up the good work!

  23. Aren't the skull cards the ones that have marked backs. And I thought I had read that the color of the foil or th order of the color or something told you what suit. And then the way the foil is laid out.

    I'm not 100 percent tho. I would prob bet like 20-50 bucks on it. But wouldn't go above 100 hahah I'm pretty confident. But I just can't remember the people I was talking to who really liked em. He was talking about it the markings on the back.

    And the jokers coming out of the cab is for
    Magicians to do a trick like you did.

    I am a pretty good magician. I mean I make a shit living but at least I make a living doing magic

    But I need to get better. But your average every day person is always very pleased and always complimentary. It's quite nice.

    But when ever I watch your channel i realize I need to practice cardistry. So many of your tricks look so much better simply cause the way you can handle the cards.
    I can handle them in a sense of being a magician. But all the little moves you do that lead into classic sleights look so much better with the flashy stuff

  24. Those cards were nice…ur just not into blingy and that's ok…u like the aztec Indian designs like ur ring…not shiny neat things…I won't tell Luke Skywalker and the bunch no worries

  25. Man your shirt reminds me of that "half washed" commercial where your "V" neck is more like a "U" neck hahaha

  26. Hey Ramsay! Could you do a small bit on card vernacular for noobs like myself here? Like what do you mean by clump? What are soft vs cardstock better for? Aside from esthetic and preferences, are there specs that really affect certain tricks or skills.. maybe a little visual montage of the main moves and how they compare close-up with différents decks/textures/types of cards.. I know there are probably loads of videos on YouTube with those kinds of basics but I love your style/voice/editing/shots/music etc.. and l would definitely enjoy that <3

  27. … Cards interest me. Ive been watching your videos for a few months now. At first I stumbled onto them(as you do on YouTube lol)… I went from watching fly fishing videos, to card videos lol. Buuuut cardistry interests me… Any idea of how I should start? What book(if any) you or someone would recommend? Thanks!

  28. Whats with the flash bro you can tell your eyes are suffering and all this is for some stupid cards colored pieces of papers and ur faded stickers all over ur body lol u look like one of those stands with adds on em cut the flash down u going to hurt ur week blue eyes buddy

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