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I am going to show you what might be the most important part of your bookkeeping: sending invoices. Invoices are the foundation of your business Because you want to receive money for your product or services. I will show you, how you can send an invoice in Moneybird. I am going to assume you already correctly added your address and layout. If not, you can easily add them via ‘Gear>Settings>Sender Addresses’. We start in the tab ‘Invoices’ Select ‘New invoice’. You see an empty invoice. With your own address information, the customer details, the invoice number, the description, and the terms of payment. The tax authorities set a number of requirements for the information on your invoice. It must have an ascending invoice number, your complete address, and the complete address of your customer. You also have to charge VAT if you are liable for VAT. Your address information is automatically copied from your settings. Okey, let’s start by selecting a customer. Click on ‘Select contact’. You can add an already existing customer, or you can add a new one. Because this administration is empty, I don’t have any contacts yet. So I will add one. I will call it User A. Click on ‘Add contact’. De search term will be automatically copied as the company name. You can also search the Chamber of Commerce register. If there is then a match, Moneybird copies the information. And it will be added here. I click on ‘Save and go back to invoice’. Then you get see this window. You don’t have to worry about the invoice number and invoice date. Moneybird will set those as soon as you sent the invoice. For now it is still a draft. You can see that here, ‘Draft #6’. As soon as sent the invoice, the definitive ascending invoice number will be placed here. Click on ‘Save’. I will show you, where exactly you can see what the next invoice number will be. If you click in ‘Draft’. The invoice number will be shown. I click on ‘Save’ once more. Next you can add the description. Click on ‘Add invoice details’. You can add extra details here. I will go for Product A. Product A and Product B You can also choose saved products, but again, because this is an empty administration. I don’t have any saved items. You can add the amount here. And the price. This will we be a tenner, and this one twenty euros. You can choose VAT rates. And you can choose if you want including or excluding VAT. I will show you what happens. The total amount is shown here. You choose excluding VAT. And if you choose including VAT, this will happen. I am going to add a discount over the total amount. Ten procent. I click on ‘Save’. The terms of payment are a part of your workflow. These are automatically copied by Moneybird. You can select a certain workflow with each contact you have. We could’ve done that just now. Here: ‘Standard’. So, the invoice is ready as draft! You can send the invoice in a couple of different ways. First, click on ‘Send>Send invoice’. You can send the invoice by email. Then you have to add an e-mailadres of course. You can also send the invoice by mail. And you can send the invoice manually. That is what I am going to do now. ‘Send invoice’. You can see the status ‘Open’ here. The same when I navigate to ‘Invoices’. The status ‘Open’ will be shown here. As you can see, Moneybird added te invoice number (id), and the invoice date. And when the invoice is paid, I can register it! We hope everything is clear and that you may send many invoices. Some small tips: It’s very easy to duplicate invoices in Moneybird. When you need the same invoice for instance. If you want to make a periodic invoice, for example one you sent each month or year, you can also set these. Moneybird wil then make an invoice for you, when you need it. You can also make a credit invoice, for when you (or somebody else) made a mistake. If you have any questions, you can always contact our support desk! You can do this via [email protected]

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