FAITH KUTZ – EP. 1 “Gambling Caused Me to Lose My Family”

(Singing) Never would’ve made it. Never could have made it. Without you. I would have lost it all…man. Now I see. You were there for me and I can say. (Customer) Ooooooooooh, (Fred) Lord, have mercy man. I heard you from the street Pastor Fred. I heard you from the street Pastor Fred. How’d we doing man? I know. What’s going on boy? I messed up your solo Pastor. Oh man, I’m sorry man. Sometimes i have to encourage myself. I heard you doing your thing man. I feel good in my soul from the street. That’s where I’m coming from. Give me an offering. We’re going to have to talk about that cause i don’t have much for this haircut. Not much for this haircut Man, how you coming along today sir? Man I’m blessed in The Lord and highly favored man. Great, great, great. When i think of the goodness of Jesus. And all he’s done for me. My soul cries out! Hum! Oh, don’t get me to preaching. Hey you can preach a little bit for me cuz I’ve haven’t been to church about Five, six months so I need to catch up on some of that word. So if you got something for me So what’s going with you man? Um man Pastor Fred, man um I ran into some patches. You know. Ran into some rough patches. Man you were over the sunshine band. How you going to sit. (Laughing) You know what I’m saying. I can tell you don’t sing no more from what i just heard. Come on Pastor. I know you. It’s been a while since in the choir, you know, I’m a little rusty. What can i do for you today? You know what, um? Just bring me down bald fade. I only get haircuts once a month you know, but that’s what’s in the budget right now. And uh yeah, and you know I’m bald anyway, so I’m trying to keep as much as I got. Ha ha, i feel you. Give me a bald fade. Give me a month to come back in and we’ll be good to go, be good to go. So what’s going on with you man, what’s going on? Man, oh man Pastor Fred it’s been a while. You’re not working down at the church no more, you ain’t doing that no more? Na, na man it’s been a wild time, man, you know. You know I like to gamble a little bit. I started hustling when I was about seven years old my daddy taught me how to shoot them craps. And I’ve been getting ever since man. I’ve been making money when you’ve been hustling that long. You’ve been on a hot streak. You know you don’t lose, right? Listen man, i used to shoot dice with your daddy man. Yeah man, I learned from the best. Then he lost his house. He took plenty of your money at the time though. That’s alright though, that’s alright though. (Singing) I’ve had some good days. Uh huh, ha, ha. Yes sir. But you know, I’ve been hustling a long time, doing the whole all gambling thing. taking money in high school, finally turned 21, 21st birthday I went to Vegas did my thing. Man I had a good time. I made that loot. Let me tell you. Yeah? I was so up In Vegas man. So ever since then I try to go to Vegas like you know once I did once a year for my birthday. Go make a little money. (Fred) You know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas True, true except when I make that money. But that money comes home. Money come home, but you know man this past year I had a rough patch man You know yeah, it got the best of me, man I was traveling a lot for business and going to different casinos going to Vegas like once a week And I yeah, man, you know it was a blessing to be traveling for business, but you’re in Vegas once a week And it starts to get to you man. It’s starts to get to your pockets. They compin everything. Needless to say man, uh I ended up losing about 70Gs in a month. Bro? Yeah, i lost about 70Gs in a month Pastor Fred. So I um, Yeah, needless to say my beautiful…you remember my beautiful wife and my son. Yeah. She left me about the 70 G’s and in the process I came home. I’m about to stop cutting your hair right now. I’m worried I’m not going to get paid. I got you today Pastor Fred. Don’t worry about it. I got you today, but 70 G’s is a lot of tithes. (Laughing) Yeah, yeah U now I don’t even talk about those yeah. Yeah. Um yeah 70 G’s, my wife was upset. She didn’t leave. She was still with me. Everything was good. And um, I messed around and got, you know I was out here in one of these little casinos out here on the reservation. Aw man. And they don’t play out there man, but I had a great, i had a great hand, sure thing man So you know I put the big slip up on the wife’s car Man they got me. Listen brother,.. They got me man, so um The only sure thing is God brother. Uhhh That’s the only thing sure is that’s running around I know Pastor Fred but, when you’ve been hustling so long… I ain’t never had this much of a bad streak (Fred)Let me tell you something about the game. (Customer) I’ve never had this much of a bad streak You know how many cats have played the game man. The game was never designed to win. All it does is lure you in. And once it got you, it got you. Now,… What what used to win for you, now is playing against you It is, it is. You got to be careful, man. I ain’t just talking about the cards on the table I’m talking about the cards of your life man. You talkin’ about your wife You talkin’ about your family. You keep put all them people in jeopardy man. Over some illness. Some sickness, because that’s what gambling is man. Oh man,.. All it is, is an illness brother. It is definitely catching up. And you gotta get healed from it man. It’s definitely catching up to me and like I said all these years you been winning so long You don’t know the difference when when losing hits, and I just hit this street, and it’s been it’s been the worst I had to move, wife kicked me out. I ain’t seen my baby in months I had to move back in with my mama and then move back in with my mama You know like lost my job, so she’s taking care of me She been a good mom, but then I messed around sold some of her stuff to go gamble with that she beat my tail. Brother, let me tell you something,.. I haven’t been whooped like that in years. My daddy told me one time that the devil he’ll use you and lose you. Just as good as he reel you in, put you out there on a pedestal and leave you And that’s where you at right now. You got to make some choices. You are a grown man. You ain’t no boy. You’re a grown man. You got a family it’s time you wake up and go back and get your family, man What, what,.. You about to get your family. You got to bring me my tithes. (Laughing) Man what you said though Pastor Fred man cuz wife ain’t talkin’ to me She and I went by the house. She done changed the locks on me. I mean, I just want my family back man. I know like I let that hustle to get the best of me But you know it was good times, you’re out there in Vegas, they’re compin everything for you you’re living it up, but I mean it was all fun when I had them. See this phone right here. When it messes up, I have to take it back to the place And you know what they do They restore it back to default He goes right back to the place it used to be You’re at a place right now. You need to ask God to restore you Back to the place where you used to be It ain’t worth it, man Over a few dollars. Right. All you got to do man, is surrender yourself to him So he can fix your issue, man Because if you don’t Get whooped by your grand mama, it’s going to be the least of your problems. Right, right. When Uncle Sam get through with you. Oh man, i don’t even want to talk about that. You ain’t seen a whooping from Uncle Sam. They already looking for me man. When we make that much money you know they want that cut. Man let me tell you I’ve been there brother I’ve done that. Oh yeah. (Singing) There is restoration for you. Oh yeah, I can’t help it, but I got a tell you. Uh, huh (Singing) You gotta leave the gambling shack alone. Oh, yeah (Singing) It ain’t worth it to lose your family. I hear you. Lift your hands son. Oh. And tell Him thank you. (Customer)Thank you. (Fred)Thank you. (Customer) Thank you. Now give me that $20 for the haircut boy. Ha, ha. (Singing) Can i get a IOU. No, no no no Do you take plastic. I can take you to the ATM, so you can give me my money, ha, ah (Laughing) $70,000, I oughta whoop you myself. (Laughing) Man but it’s good to see you bro. You too man, you too man. Let me hit this ATM get your money, man Man You know I got you know. I’m good for it, $70,000 don’t sound like I’m good for it, but I’m good for it Don’t worry about it me man, I want to sow that into your… this haircut into your life man. Go get your family back brother. I appreciate you Pastor Fred, good to see you I’ll see you about a month like I said man. I gotta let this come back a little bit. Hey man take care of your business brother. Stay out of the casinos man Yes sir. I definitely will. Have a good day Pastor Fred. Yes sir. $70,000? I would have beaten him to the white meat . $70,000? (Laughing) 70,000 I should have made that boy pay for the haircut. (Laughing) (Singing) Wooo, never would have made it I never would went home. if i lost $70,000, (Laughing) Woo, man

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