Farrey’s Introduces BlackJack Lighting

Bienvenido a Miami, Welcome to Miami. I’m
manufactures representative Richard Diamond here at Farrey’s to help launch the new
Blackjack lighting brand, designs by Stephen Blackman. Stephen is a very passionate lighting
designer who has created many iconic styles for a variety of well-known companies. For
this collection he decided to embrace new LED lighting technology. First we have The Swirl. This fixture is constructed
of stamped and fabricated steel and aluminum, has a plated, bright satin-nickel finish.
The curved shape sends light out in all directions. Swirl comes in 3 sizes. This 23″ diameter
fixture is powered by 38 watts of LED lighting, which is equivalent to almost 240 watts of
halogen lighting. The instant on/off feature, is also dimmable. Swirl has a neutral color
temperature of 3000 degrees kelvin. This fixture looks greats in residential settings, hospitality/retail,
or workplace environments. The dimmable Starburst chandelier features
sharp angles, with frosted laser-cut, LED light-guides that send light in all directions.
This 29.5″ diameter fixture comes in polished chrome, powered by 29 watts of LED lighting
at 3000 degrees kelvin. We are very exciting to partner with Farrey’s
in launching BlackJack Lighting. This brand features high tech designs, using the latest
energy efficient LED technology. For more information, Follow Farrey’s on social media,
or visit one for their beautiful showroom. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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  1. Watch our brand new video, featuring fixtures Swirl and Starburst, by BlackJack Lighting. Hosted by Richard Diamond, from Lightlounge3.

    Farrey's Introduces BlackJack Lighting

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