14 thoughts on “Feds crack down on illegal gambling rooms

  1. Gambling has been part of our community from the start. Legalize and tax. Same with prostitution. It will make ish a lot safer. These illegal activities will continue might as well make a profit and keep people safe.

  2. How many of these places do HPD personnel go to and/or partake in the activities. I am pretty sure the ones that don't get busted pay HPD to keep quiet.

  3. Get the same fish game at fun factory kahala mall lol. Or the gambling houses bought that on already!? I rather go chicken fight back in the 80s and 90s cause had ono grindz and 2 dollah Heinekenz. Times have changed…

  4. When I was a security guard My boss sent me to an Internet cafe but it turned out to be an underground casino that was legal through a loophole. These places are very dangerous to be inside of and get robbed very often. I told my boss I wasn’t going back to that place.

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