Finally! Top 50 OFFLINE Strategy Games For Android 2018 | No Internet? No Problem! | [PART 4]

Hey Gamers! welcome back to the IsItThatGame!!!
my name is Vikrant And today we’ll see the fourth Top 50 Offline Strategy Games for android! I know you guyz want me to add more free games
to this list rather than paid ones…but in my opinion the the free games simply ruin
the gameplay  by adding hell loads of micro transactions and all that stuff! But guess what, i’m gonna whole dedicate my
upcoming series to all those free offline games out there!on your demand!!!So turn on
the notification bells and now you ready guys? lets get started!!!! So First up on our list is… The Autumn Dynasty RPG!!! An epic 110MB Game with a cool and unique
gameplay! Here the traditional Chinese paintings become
your battlefield as command your soldierss using the artistic brush strokes! It features Beautiful and oriental style painted
maps with thousands of soldiers fighting on screen! Its an full RTS experience where you can train
your units, construct buildings, and so on! you can also turn the tide of the war using
the powerful battle abilities! So its A paid game with a complete one time
payment and no In-app purchases At all! And the 2nd game on our list is!!! The Beautifully crafted Hitman GO from the
square enix studios. This one being turn-based puzzle game continues
the legacy of the stealth hitman series! here you need to stratagically wipe out your target
from the heavily gaurded locations which involves careful selection of moves and weapons! Its Paid game and it weighs around 433MB in
size! It is highly appreciated from the media and
has 5star ratings from most of the reviews! And yes it includes that legendry rubber duck…agent
47! And on the 3rd spot we have a game which is
already considered as one of the best post apocalyptic strategy game! The Rebuild 3!!! A wonderful 46MB game by the Northway Gaming
Studios! Before diving into the hardcore strategy simulation
Beware that…This simple looking lemon plays hard with your emotions with its gruesome
narrative and dark humour! It First makes you fond of the survivors before
you send them to their doom for the greater good! and it makes you do tough decisions
to fend off raiders, illness, starvation, and madness! All These while the death is still wandering
over their!!! And Here we have something really big! The Banner Saga! A huge 1.8GB game from the Versus Evil Studios! Its an strategic RPG adventure which is also
the Winner best Indie Video Game, 2014! Here you really feel the heat of the viking
era with absorbing hand drawn graphics and tense soundtracks! as you progress your journey
to save people you must make various difficult choices! each and every decision you make
marks an effect to the storyline this includes the permanent death of characters There are
over 25 playable characters with unique personalities and skills! You must strategically fight your way through
the dangers of the harsh world! and prove that you are capable of saving your people
in this difficult time!!! And the next up we have a mix of old school
tactitcs with a new school graphics! The Glory Of Generals 2: ACE
Its an 86Mb game developed by the easytech studios already popular for its strategy games
like world conquer, European wars, etc! here you hire the highly skilled generals
on the earth and set on a glorious mission to conquer this world! while doing this you
also need to take care of your friends and foes and keep the neutral nations in check! This game is completely free to play and supports
in-app purchases! And the last but one we have!!! A small packet with a big blast…The little
Commander 2! A colorful tower defense game developed by
the Cat Studio! It is very a sequel to widely acclaimed Little
Commander: world war 2! Little Commander is not the kind of game that
catches your eye as you browse the hips of Android games on Google Play. It is a tower defense, and a strategy that
seems like dozens of other games in the niche. Besides, it was not largely advertised when
it launched. Yet i just gave it a try and it turned out
to be A brilliantly simple, addictive, easy to pick up and extremely fun to play! Its free to download and play with in-app
purchases! And now time for the final game of our list
which also happens to be one of my personal favourite games!!!
plz hit the like button if enjoyed this video and dont forget to subscribe for coolest smartphone
games out there! So lets take a look at this mindbreaker! The Redcon! An ultra challenging strategy game from the
Hexage Studios! This is one of the few games that really challenged
me so hard that i spent plenty of my time just testing this perticular game! umm not
testing to be honest but crushing it to feed my own strategic mind! At first it’ll start of like just another
td game but as you’ll dwell deep into the storyline it’ll provide you a hardcore gaming
experience! Its size is around 25 mb and its free to play
till 18 Missions and after that you can upgrade to the premium edition which has no recurring
micro transactions! here your target is simple you must tactfully
command your weapons and soldiers to destroy the enemy fort before they destroy yours!!! So thats all for today guys guys I hope you
enjoyed This Video! Let me know if I missed any games today! and
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see you in the next video…till then this is your friend vikrant…sighning off!!!

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22 thoughts on “Finally! Top 50 OFFLINE Strategy Games For Android 2018 | No Internet? No Problem! | [PART 4]

  1. I thought this month would be awesome….bt no as usual no continuity….26 March channel anniversary you know…

  2. offline android Open world game, new beta released for download

  3. I'm looking for a game I used to play, I forgot its name! In this offline game, you protect your Base from invading armies, you can train tanks and troops and use them to defend your headquarter!

  4. Not trying to be rude but you really need to work on your English pronunciation, I am a non native English speaker and although it took some effort, improving pronunciation really made a difference in my interaction with the language.

    I had to re-watch some portions of the video up to 3 times to understand your speech…..

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