Five-Card Draw Poker : Example of Five-Card Draw

Do you know how to play five card draw? Well,
let’s make sure. Let’s play a heads up game, and that’ll be five cards to you, and five
cards to me. This is, this is a regular five card draw and we’ll just do a quick look.
And, what we do is I dealt, so you look at your cards and place a bet, or you check.
Then, I look at my cards, and decide what I’m going to do, and if you bet then I decide
whether to call, or raise, or fold. And, if you checked, I decide whether to check or
bet. And, then we have a draw around, and then for the draw around you look at your
cards. You’ve got a decent sort of hand, you’ve got a pair and you’ve got three spades, ace
high for the flush action there. But, you know, you probably can’t go wrong playing
those eights there. So, you’re going to go ahead and you’re going to discard one card.
And, me, I’m going to discard one card. So, that’s one to you, one to me, we have a round
of betting. And, then we do a showdown look at that, you caught an eight. It’s three of
a kind and I have a busted hand so I’m going to fold and you win the pot. That is a quick
look at five card draw.

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