Five-Card Draw Poker : Five-Card Draw: Bad Starting Hands

Let’s talk about bad hands for a five card
draw played. I’ve got two examples here of particularly bad hands, just to stay in with.
This hand will get you in trouble. What is it? It’s a straight draw and we talked about
straight draws last time, in the last segment. This is, what’s called an inside, or a gut
shot straight. You see the ten is missing so instead of drawing to eight possibilities,
you’re drawing to four. It’s not a good deal. You’re rarely going to catch that. You’re
going to catch it less than ten percent of the time. Usually, you will not be getting
good caught odds, to stay in a hand, with this. Only stay in and go for it if you are,
somehow, allowed to check to the draw. So, forget about that. Also, forget about low
pairs with three random cards. No reason to stay in with that hand. You want some examples
of other bad hands for a five card draw. We can do that randomly because most of the time
you’re going to catch a bad hand so let’s do that. Let’s look at this. I’m just going
to deal off five random cards and tell you if I think the hand is playable. Well, we’ve
got three to a flush but three to a flush is long odds, not playable. Well, there you
go, open ended straight draw, that’s a good hand but that’s not going to come off that
often. Here you have some high cards, not a whole lot going on but you could play it.
Probably play the ace and the queen and hope to get lucky. Lastly, look at that. It’s ok
but drawing two to a flush, three to a flush, drawing two, you’re probably not going to
catch that flush. So, be careful when you play draws and you noticed that, in those
hands I just dealt out, it wasn’t as if we saw any pairs and certainly no three of a
kind. So, play time.

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