Five-Card Draw Poker : Five-Card Draw: Sample Hand 3

And now everybody looks at their hands, and
let’s say everybody gets crazy and bets. The player to my left says, “two black chips”.
You raise and say, “two more”. And then this player says, “I call”. And I’m going to go
ahead and call the four black chips. And this player calls. That means, it’s on you to show
your hand first at the showdown. So what do you got? Wow, way to overplay that pair of
fours, but there you are with your pair of fours. The player to your left says, “ha,
ha! I caught two pair”. See how he kept that king and he made another king. So he’s got
kings and deuces, or as we say, kings up. So he’s got the hand that’s ahead. Your hand
goes in the muck. Me? I’m at a pair of fives, I’m not even going to show, right into the
muck. And then finally, this player, he did not add anything to his junk, hand goes in
the muck. And the two pair, as often happens in five card draw, wins our sample hand. Good
luck to you when you play five card draw. Have fun.

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