Five-Card Draw Poker : Five-Card Draw: The Showdown

We’ve basically come to the end of our five
card draw hand. What happens now? We’ve got the money in the pot and we’re done with any
betting or raising, the pot’s been called, there are three players left in the hand.
What happens is, this is called the showdown. The player that shows first, is the player
who bet or raised last. This player bet, nobody raised, he had two callers, so he shows his
hand. He shows down his three kings, just like that. You put the ace here, three kings,
there’s the jack. There you go, three kings. It moves around to the left and this player,
he can’t beat three kings so what he’s going to do, instead of showing because he doesn’t
want to give away too much information about his style of play, he’s going to put his cards
in the muck. I can’t beat three kings, I have a pair of tens, I’m going to put my cards
in the muck. If we showed it down, it would be your pair, my pair, doesn’t beat the three
of a kind kings, so I lose. We didn’t do that. There’s only one hand shown down, so it doesn’t
matter what it ranks, it’s the only one showing down. There you go. The three kings wins the

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