Five-Card Draw Poker : Five-Card Draw: When to Fold a Draw

So we want to talk about draws that you almost
always have to fold and basically I’ve only put out one example and it’s because this
is the hand that hangs up most players. It’s called an inside straight draw. What that
is, is you’ve got four to a straight but instead of missing a card on the end that gives you
eight outs, you are missing a card in the middle that gives you four outs. If you have
four outs and you have one draw round which is what we’re talking about in five card draw.
Then you have an approximately eight percent chance at catching that out. You haven’t so
I’m talking about an eight percent chance of discarding this six and having it turn
into a nine. So think about how many times does eight divide into one hundred. Well it’s
eleven and a half so you know again we’re talking about getting great odds if you call.
Rarely in five card draw will you be getting eleven and a half or around that to one to
justify the call. So almost always I hope you will throw this hand into the muck.

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