7 thoughts on “Florenza the Card Game Extended Gameplay

  1. Another great Run Through, thanks for putting it up. When I started watching the first video, I have to be honest, the game did not seem interesting to me at all. Not even the 'card game' simplicity or the theme looked like they could save it. BUT, I was wrong, and after a few minutes it definitely started looking like quite an interesting game!
    I really want to try this one now.

  2. What is it about games set in Florence that bring out the 10 year old boy in me? Princes of Florence (similar game as the boardgame version of this and fun too) involves lots of PP, and this game gives you free wood every single turn. Another fun game, and you do an excellent job showing them. Btw, why don't you invest a little money in a tripod? Can you even lift your left arm anymore?

  3. the main reason i don't use a static tripos is because that means i'd have to have the camera really far away to keep the whole game in frame so that all the elements of a game could be covered. which would make the game look boring, and make it impossible to see almost all the detail i talk about.

    by keeping the camera dynamic and fluid, it more accurately captures the feeling of really being at the table, i think 🙂

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