For $508,640 And A WSOP Bracelet, Can Vayo Stop Getting OWNED?

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100 thoughts on “For $508,640 And A WSOP Bracelet, Can Vayo Stop Getting OWNED?

  1. How does Kitai's hand "not block any of the missed draws Vayo could bluff with"? Blocks JT J8. (J8 would probably not play it like this but JT definitely.)

  2. Damn dude I've seen everyone of your videos… It's to the point where I want you to put out 5 episodes per day so I have something worthwhile to watch on youtube!

  3. Hey Doug,  Question about Vayos spot to call or raise on the flop and your preference towards raising:Since Kitai does have a few 9s and some over-pairs, if Vayo were to raise and Kitai decided to 3-bet wouldn't that be an absolute disaster for Vayo because he would have to fold and get blown off his equity?  Thanks man really appreciate all the content.

  4. He made an even sicker hero call against Tony Ruberto this tournament with Q high, you should cover that one if you haven't already. It was sick to the point that Ruberto asked to be moved because he was convinced Kitai saw the reflection of his cards in his glasses.

  5. One of these spots where we have so many more bluffs than value bets by the river… I guess we should either overbet or check back a lot of them (or both?)

  6. Wait, my dream came true? Subtitles in portuguese? Thx brow, I hope the next ones are like this too! From your biggest fan in Brazil.

  7. Hey Doug, what if you were to do hand analysis videos where you block/blur one of the other player's hand display, while muting the commentators (as if we needed them anyway…). Without knowing the villain's hand, it makes it easier for us to interpret Hero's moves. Please consider this! Thanks!

  8. I throw my hands into the muck sometimes!
    singing Heyyyyyoooo
    I'm Gordon Vayo!
    I'm gonna celebrate my 2nd place!
    singing Heyyyyooooo
    I'm Gordon Vayo!

  9. Hey Doug, You've probably already mentioned this, but… How much did you end winning or losing during the Bike weekend? I know you were stuck over 30 K the first night but I never heard about your total after the HU matches and other cash games over the weekend?

  10. Vayo the anti-Dwan. Hey Doug have you seen Kassouf vs Matuson heads up? Kassouf was terrible. Just waiting for his coconuts. Lost back to back.

  11. Hi Doug, I didn't understand why Kitai' 2nd barrel is bad. You say that it doesn't block anything but the fact that he doesn't block any diamonds, hearts, 10 and 8 should be a good thing because it means "more hands" in the semi-bluff range of his opponent. Am I completly wrong thinking that ?
    Great vids by the way.

  12. Im sure im the first ever to say this, but 'Gordon Vayo' is an anagram of 'Vordon Gayo' 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  13. I didn't even need to watch the video to know Kitai was gonna call…he seems to be fond of hero calling…the reason why he doesn't win more is because he is wrong a lot.

  14. The day I stop watching ur videos is the day you stop making them.
    Dnegsolker hands suck so for the love of god please don't stop.

  15. Holy poop! Doug, bankroll me too play this man heads up. Complete nobody vs. ….! When did this happen, am I not strong enough in the hero game? Should my right shirt sleeve be rolled up? Meta, seriously, how about a live chat and some q&a about this hand with K.

  16. Hey Doug, did you ever think of calling your channel "Polka Hands?" I really enjoy polka music and I think you could work it into your breakdowns of each player's action. It works because your last name is "Polk" and it's pretty close to "polka."

  17. Doug Polk I wish I could buy  you for what  u r  worth,  and sell u for half  what  u  think  u r worth!!!!    id be  rich bitch!!!

  18. I'm sure Doug just trolls people with these videos. His hand does block J10. LOL also says David has a pretty good hand to call with….. I'M NOT A PARTICULAR FAN OF THIS PLAY. said after every play. by any player. in any video.
    He should really think about calling this Polker Hands.

  19. Doug analyzed it pretty well. Pre, Kitai made the Good Ol` pot sweetener, flop bet is meh, turn he represents an ace, without any additional equity, river Vayo made a mistake by betting too small. This way, he only represented the A ( and he has likely not so many in his range here) , while he almost never has a set+ here. Kitai needed only under 25%, and put together the puzzle correctly. – Can Vayo have a K high flush draw here?

  20. Anyone else think for a second that Vayo was actually Fedor. When the video started, I'm like "oh, a hand with Vayo vs Fedor." Then somehow Fedor morphs into Vayo.

  21. Hey Doug, awesome video! You should do the next episode on Elisabeth Hille's amazing bluff during her 2012 WSOP deep run.

  22. Nice vid, Doug. After watching this I understand your logic in the Bike hand vs Alec Torelli w/86c much better. It makes sense, and even though you lost the hand you almost got another pro to fold there using this strategy, and if his hand wasnt specifically JJ you probably would have succeeded.

    As always, nice vids, great channel, and I look forward to your next episode. Dongers up, sir!

  23. Gordon Vayo did everything right except he did not raise the flop, he did not raise the turn, and he bet too small on the river.

    Vayo's line looked like he could have been on a straight or flush draw and missed.

  24. Hello Doug,

    Firstly, I want to thank you for an awesome channel, video breakdown, and all your great insight into the game, MUCH respect!

    Some questions/concerns/comments about this hand:

    1. Kitai flop bet of 95,000 into 400,000 after raising 190,000 preflop….If in Kitai's position, how great of a play is this in the long run when considering both players ranges? Would someone ever fold king hi, ace hi, or even queen hi to less than a quarter pot size raise? But then again, he is up against the passive play of Vayo?

    2. Kitai small turn bet of 140,000 into 590,000 on the turn? What 'story' is he trying to say? Wouldn't he be raising more with an ace to protect against two possible flush draws?

    4. Kitai's blockers – doesn't Kitai's hand block some combos of J10 since he has QJ?

    3. Vayo's small bet of 320,000 into 870,000 on the river – When considering the passive nature of Vayo, if he did have an Ace don't you feel that Vayo would bet it this way? (I totally agree with bombing this river for both value and bluff hands, but this is Vayo we're talking about!)

    Any feedback Doug?

    Keep up the great commentating Doug!

  25. You should mention that before he calls, he plays with his money and analyses the body reactions…. that's a bit of kitai 😉

  26. Why do you say, on the river, that the bigger he bets the more he can bluff? I thought the bigger you bet the more value hands you have to hold? For example, if you have a 100x pot bet on the river with a lot of bluffs, say 70%+, your opponent can easily just call you a ton & profit.

  27. Here's one thing that to me seems to be contradicting. If QJ makes sense for a bluff because it doesn't block hearts and it doesn't block 10-8, wouldn't it just wanna check and try and showdown? Wouldn't it be bluffing with the best hand if the opponent has a missed draw? Obviously you lose to K high hearts, but that's just one hand versus all the ones you beat?

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