Forbidden Island: Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, Bobak Ferdowsi, and Jason Finn on TableTop SE2E05

-Woohoo! WIL WHEATON: Imagine, if you
will, a mysterious island, not to be found on any map. Delivered to this island, four
adventurers who live at the intersection of brave
and stupid. Because this is no
ordinary island. This island is alive, and it
will stop at nothing to protect its secrets. Today on “TableTop,” Jason
Finn, John Scalzi, Bobak Ferdowsi, and I will have to
work together to capture the island’s treasures
and successfully escape from the Twilight– the Forbidden Island. [MUSIC PLAYING] WIL WHEATON: “Forbidden Island”
is a cooperative play, set collecting game designed
by Matt Leacock, who did “Pandemic” and “Roll Through
the Ages.” We’re a team of adventurers trying to recover
these four magical relics from this island that is sinking
into the sea. Of course, the island has other
ideas, and is actively trying to kill us. The waters are rising,
and the island is sinking into the sea. The only way on and off the
island is through the helipad at Fool’s Landing. If Fool’s Landing
sinks, we lose. If the path to Fool’s Landing
sinks, we lose. Like all good cooperative games,
there are a lot of ways to lose, and only
one way to win. On our turn, we get three
actions that can be some combination of the following. We can move our guys
orthogonally on the board, we can shore up sinking island
spaces, or we can play some of these cards we’ve collected to
get us closer to victory. We will have to build our team
very carefully in order to have any chance at
all of winning. Every character has
a special ability. The messenger can give treasure
cards to any other player in the game. The diver can swim across
open water. The pilot can move to
any space on the board at any time. Very handy when the island is
sinking underneath you. Because seriously, you
guys, the island is trying to kill us! Every turn, we will draw from
this treasure deck, and if we get a Waters Rise card, we
increase the level of the water, and the island
sinks even faster. Glug, glug, glug, game
over, moon pie. Well, will we sink,
or will we swim? We’re about to find out. Let’s play “Forbidden Island.” JASON FINN: My name is Jason
Finn, and I am the drummer for the Presidents of the United
States of America. JOHN SCALZI: My name
is John Scalzi. I’m a science fiction and
fantasy writer, and I’m best known for the “Old Man’s
War” series of books. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Hi, my name is
Bobak Ferdowsi, and I’m one of the flight directors
on the Mars Science Lab Curiosity mission. WIL WHEATON: So every time we
play a game on TableTop, we set it up randomly. We do not fix anything. Everything that you see is
exactly the way that it happens, which is why our board
position is bullsh– [BLEEP] JOHN SCALZI: Yes,
we’re doomed. WIL WHEATON: This is terrible. JASON FINN: So I’m looking at
the opening board position, and I don’t really know enough
about the game to have an intuitive feel about whether
this is good, or this is bad. But then I look over and Scalzi
and Wheaton are both openly weeping. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Our pieces are
sort of scattered over the board, but lots near the edge. Trying to get back and forth
between the two corners where our trophy pieces are, those are
a little more challenging. JOHN SCALZI: The other thing is,
Fool’s Landing is way over here, so even if we get all
the temples, we have to do this, basically, run through
the jungle to get back to Fool’s Landing. JASON FINN: So that
doesn’t bode well. But I had a nice breakfast,
so I’m feeling good. WIL WHEATON: I guess before your
first turn, maybe just tell the kids at home
who you are. JASON FINN: So I’m a pilot. [HELICOPTER BLADES] WIL WHEATON: So what
do you think you’re going to do first? JASON FINN: Well, if it were
up to me, I would hit the observatory there. I would fly over to the
Observatory, and then I would shore up these two. WIL WHEATON: The Copper
Gate and Phantom Rock? JASON FINN: Yeah, yeah. BOBAK FERDOWSI: But this one’s
actually a thing that you, that we need. JASON FINN: That’s
a good point. It is indeed. [WAVES CRASHING] [WATER BUBBLING] JOHN SCALZI: If you go
out to Iron Gate, then you have options. WIL WHEATON: Sure. JASON FINN: OK, I’m allowed
to land on a sinking–? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, sure. Yeah, you can actually
land where Scalzi is. JOHN SCALZI: You can
land on my head. WIL WHEATON: It just means that
unless you’re wearing high water pants, your
cuffs are wet. JASON FINN: No, I’m wearing
knickerbockers today. So those are actually, they
stop at the knees. WIL WHEATON: Yeah,
you’re good. JASON FINN: I scored the iPad
app yesterday, and so I feel like the other two games that
I’ve completed have made me somewhat of an expert,
and kind of the go-to strategy guy. WIL WHEATON: OK, great. So it looks like– JASON FINN: So one of you move
me to Iron Gate, then. JOHN SCALZI: Whoosh, whoosh,
whoosh, whoosh. And WIL WHEATON: You’re
going to make that sound every time, right? JOHN SCALZI: Every time. BOBAK FERDOWSI: And what would
you like, what do you think about shoring up? JASON FINN: I will shore up Cave
of Shadows, and I suppose Iron Gate, because we don’t
want that to sink while we’re on it. WIL WHEATON: Let’s make some
theoretically good stuff happen for you. JASON FINN: OK, let’s do that. Yeah. WIL WHEATON: So let’s go
from the Treasure Deck. Oh, look at that! JASON FINN: Off the bat. WIL WHEATON: All right, so the
waters are going to rise. That’s fantastic. In my game at home, whenever you
draw the Waters Rise card, which is randomized in the
deck, it’s your fault. JASON FINN: Sorry, my fault. WIL WHEATON: OK. So we’re going to move the water
from level two, Elite. JOHN SCALZI: You couldn’t
let us cheat. You could have looked
away while I switched the tiles around. WIL WHEATON: I couldn’t,
I could not do that. And your treasure
card, OK, great. WIL WHEATON: That’s not, that’s
not all that bad. Look. JASON FINN: I will take that. This is a set, as they say. WIL WHEATON: That’s good,
that is a set. JASON FINN: Almost
a complete set. Yeah. WIL WHEATON: Now, what we do is,
we take these guys that we use, that we flipped over at the
beginning of the game, to find out how things are going
on this magnificent island. And we hope, and hope, and hope,
and hope that we don’t draw Copper Gate or Phantom
Rock, or Howling Garden. JASON FINN: How many other
cards are there besides those there? WIL WHEATON: Well, there’s
the ones we already flipped, right? JASON FINN: OK, yeah. About six in there, yeah. OK. WIL WHEATON: Ready? Iron Gate. BOBAK FERDOWSI: OK. WIL WHEATON: OK, so you’re
on Iron Gate. That’s fine, that’s OK,
it’s not a big deal. You guys are on it. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Just getting
a little damp in our socks. WIL WHEATON: Good. It’s actually, now, it’s really
good that you had shored that up. And then we’ve got the
Cave of Shadows. Awesome. Also really good that
you shored that up. OK. And our last one, here, is
going to be the Howling Garden, which goes away,
which is bad. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Oh,
already lost it. Yeah, that’s bad. JOHN SCALZI: We’re doomed. WIL WHEATON: That is bad. All right, so that’s the
end of the first turn. Very uneventful. JOHN SCALZI: Very uneventful. WIL WHEATON: Very uneventful. Scalzi, you’re up. What are you going to do? JOHN SCALZI: And did I
mention we’re doomed? Well I’m the diver. [SCUBA BREATHING SOUNDS] JOHN SCALZI: So I will just
basically do a whole lot of shoring up. [INTERPOSING VOICES] JOHN SCALZI: The Cave of
Shadows, because it’s got this little thingy here, and I
want it to stay around. WIL WHEATON: All right,
action one. JOHN SCALZI: And I think that
I want to keep Copper Gate. WIL WHEATON: Action two. JOHN SCALZI: I don’t really
know this game very well at all. This is actually the first
time I’ve ever played. It’s the first time I’ve
actually seen it. But the good thing about it is
as long as you have a good crew of people with you, then
it’s really easy to pick up and actually figure out how
to work in concert. So, so far so good. WIL WHEATON: Now let’s find out
where the waters are doing their water thing. OK, ready? We’ve got the Copper Gate. JOHN SCALZI: Ah, gee, well
that’s was good to do that. That was smart. WIL WHEATON: OK, all right, then
we have number two, the Phantom Rock. JOHN SCALZI: Bye bye,
Phantom Rock. You have that. WIL WHEATON: Goodbye
Phantom Rock. And the last thing is going to
be the Silver Gate, which is where I am. So that’s actually great. Take the Silver Gate out, and
then so now, check this out. I get to move to a place
of my choosing. I can either go to the Misty
Marsh, or I can go to the Cliffs of Abandon. These actually sound like titles
of Zeppelin songs. JOHN SCALZI: You can’t go to
the Temple of the Moon? WIL WHEATON: No, I can’t,
because that’s diagonal. Every time you play Forbidden
Island, you hope that you get maybe one or two turns at the
start of the game just to move around the board a little bit. And we don’t get to
do that today. I can move one to Lost Lagoon,
two, shore Copper Gate, and three, I could give this to you,
Bobak, since you have– BOBAK FERDOWSI: So I start
the fire quest? WIL WHEATON: Since you
have a fire already. JOHN SCALZI: And why can
you give that to him? WIL WHEATON: Because
I’m the messenger. I can give cards to anybody,
regardless of where I am on the board. And now, let’s get me some
theoretically good cards. All right, I have
a chalice of– JASON FINN: Victory. WIL WHEATON: Something, yeah. And I have a Lion of Wind-ing. JASON FINN: Oh good. WIL WHEATON: So that’s
all right. We avoided waters rise. And now let’s find out what
happens with the water. We’ve got the Coral Palace
is going to get wet. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: Which
is not good. The Fool’s Landing is now going
to get wet, which is really, really bad. [WAVES CRASHING] JOHN SCALZI: It is. [WATER BUBBLING] WIL WHEATON: It’s really
super bad. And the Cliffs of Abandon are
going to do that, which is fine, because we’re going
to abandon them. Now, I can shore up Fool’s
Landing immediately with sandbags for free. [INTERPOSING VOICES] WIL WHEATON: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know how sometimes you get
a case of the stupids? JOHN SCALZI: Yeah, no. No, that never happens to me. WIL WHEATON: Really? JOHN SCALZI: No. WIL WHEATON: All right, Bobak,
what are you thinking? BOBAK FERDOWSI: I’m feeling
pretty good. I like being an engineer. I think that’s a good
role for me. It’s a little different than my
job, of course, but it’s a lot of fun. I like the aspect of it that’s
really fun for me is I get to do a lot of actions near the
beginning, and strategize a little bit about how I’m
going to use my move. WIL WHEATON: Actual NASA
engineer playing the engineer? We’ve got this. BOBAK FERDOWSI: So yeah, I think
I can fix up the Fool’s Landing and Coral Palace. WIL WHEATON: All right, so
Fool’s Landing, one, and then move to Tidal Palace, two,
Coral Palace, three. All right, great. All right. Theoretically good card number
one is a Chalice of Chalicing. OK, we have three of the
four on the board. And card two is Sandbags. JOHN SCALZI: Yeah! WIL WHEATON: All right,
that’s great. And that puts you at your
hand limit, so just know that as we go on. Now let’s find out what
the island does. The island says Cave of Embers,
which is next to Fool’s Landing. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: Then the island
says Misty Marsh. JOHN SCALZI: Which is
where you came in. WIL WHEATON: Which is
where I came in. And then the island says
Whispering Garden. Oh man, this is bad news. We have both fires, and the last
remaining wind sitting in the potential go away deck. That’s not good. Jason, you’re up. JOHN SCALZI: But you’re
next, right? JASON FINN: I am next. WIL WHEATON: All right, Finn,
what are you doing? JASON FINN: It’s interesting
because I want to be in the same square as you, Scalzi,
to receive this from you. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. I love cooperative games,
because we all live and die together. I feel really bad that I asked
my friends to come play a cooperative game with me on
TableTop because it means we’re going to lose. JOHN SCALZI: You know, the thing
is, is that we really, this thing, it can’t go. We have to save that regardless,
because it’s the only one that we have left. WIL WHEATON: Yeah. JOHN SCALZI: That’s always
mission critical. WIL WHEATON: And I can just
sandbag it right now. JOHN SCALZI: Yeah,
you do that. WIL WHEATON: And free us up. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Should I do
that, or should you, because I have more cards than you guys. JOHN SCALZI: I want
you to keep yours. WIL WHEATON: Oh, wait a minute. Yeah. He’s closer to his hand limit. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Because I
have a sandbag as well. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, good call. Good call. BOBAK FERDOWSI: So let’s
use that to shore up Whispering Garden. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, yeah. So we’ll use the sandbag. JOHN SCALZI: Very well played. JASON FINN: When the mohawk guy
meme started, I was at the front of it. I was like, that is the
best thing I’ve ever seen in my life. I could give him all three
cards, couldn’t I, with three actions? BOBAK FERDOWSI: But he would
then, he would reach his hand limit very quickly. And he would have to discard. JASON FINN: Well, he could
discard this other stuff. But then it would take him
forever to get to the– WIL WHEATON: Wait a minute,
wait a minute. OK, you get everything, OK? Then you swim to– you get it on your next turn. [WHISTLES] WIL WHEATON: OK? That’s catching the
next turn, OK? And you’re going next. JOHN SCALZI: Everyone else would
have to go around, and they basically have
to burn turns. But I can go in one turn to a
tile all the way across, and then just do one more step, and
then my third final step is delivering the cards. And that’s what I’m
going to do. And then we do the ahhhhhhh. WIL WHEATON: Great. So go ahead and claim the
treasure which is now rightfully yours, John Scalzi. JOHN SCALZI: Sweet! WIL WHEATON: And place
it in front of you. JOHN SCALZI: It looks like
like a little fruit dish, doesn’t it? BOBAK FERDOWSI: It’s
an incomplete Death Star, but you know. WIL WHEATON: Incomplete
Death Star. JOHN SCALZI: It’s Venus. BOBAK FERDOWSI: There you go. Nice. JOHN SCALZI: Getting that first
one makes me think we can get the whole thing. WIL WHEATON: All right. Want some theoretically
good cards? JOHN SCALZI: I do. WIL WHEATON: Theoretically good
card number one is not theoretically good. JOHN SCALZI: What? WIL WHEATON: It’s theoretically
bad. JOHN SCALZI: I blame you. WIL WHEATON: And then the second
card is going to be a helicopter lift. So take that. JOHN SCALZI: Which
we clearly need. WIL WHEATON: So the first thing
we do is we increase the difficulty level. The waters rise, we’re still
drawing three cards. BOBAK FERDOWSI: What’s the
name of this level, now? WIL WHEATON: This level’s now
called “Legendary.” So had we started with Legendary, we’d
be drawing four cards. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Yeah, no,
that would not be good. WIL WHEATON: All right, let’s
find out what happens. This is not good. So they’re shuffled, they’re
back on top of the thing here. And ripping it off like a
Band-Aid, Temple of the Moon. JOHN SCALZI: Well, we
can let that one go. WIL WHEATON: We lose the
Temple of the Moon. [WATER BUBBLING] BOBAK FERDOWSI: Goodbye
to the Temple. WIL WHEATON: OK, all right. BOBAK FERDOWSI: That’s
not bad. WIL WHEATON: OK, Cave
of Shadows. Not as bad as if it’s
the Cave of Embers. JOHN SCALZI: But we still have a
problem, because now both of these are submerged. WIL WHEATON: OK, and Fool’s
Landing again. Also not good. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: OK. Well, if I move to Bronze
Gate, I can shore up Fool’s Landing. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Oh, that’s
a good point. WIL WHEATON: If I move all the
way to Fool’s Landing, that’s one, two, then I can shore
up Cave of Embers. JASON FINN: I love that we all
get to argue and discuss and do all this stuff before
every move. It’s very Congress-y,
isn’t it? WIL WHEATON: Yeah, all right,
so I’m going to sandbag the Cave of Shadows. Cave of Shadows is sandbagged. Now let’s find out what the
island wants to do. The island is all,
hey Coral Palace. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: Coral Palace, and
Cliffs of Abandon, we have abandoned you. [WATER BUBBLING] WIL WHEATON: Goodbye. And lastly, Whispering
Garden is here. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: That is less good,
again, because it is the only card we have where
we can get a lion. Right now, I think Bobak
is the most important player on the team. We have so many flooded tiles. We’ve got to get those shored
up, or we’re not going to survive two waters rising. BOBAK FERDOWSI: So I think I can
shore up Breakers Bridge, Cave of Embers. WIL WHEATON: That’s one. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Move
to Coral Palace. WIL WHEATON: That’s two. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Then fix Coral
Palace and Whispering Garden. WIL WHEATON: That’s three. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Yeah? Good plan, guys? WIL WHEATON: That’s
a good move. Yeah, I’m on board with this. JOHN SCALZI: Well done. BOBAK FERDOWSI: I can’t
reach everything. JASON FINN: It’s like
laundry day. You’re just doing, you’re
just fixing stuff. WIL WHEATON: The whole reason
you want the engineer on your team is so he can flip over
four tiles in a turn. That was huge! BOBAK FERDOWSI: I’m not sure
if that’s going to help the end game or not, but I hope
it plays out well. WIL WHEATON: And now, I have
some theoretically good cards. JOHN SCALZI: Oh! BOBAK FERDOWSI: I knew
that was coming. I knew that was coming. JASON FINN: It’s the way you
said theoretically that time. WIL WHEATON: And then your
bonus card is a lion. So you have to discard
something. BOBAK FERDOWSI: I think at this
point it’s the best one. We’ve got four fires
on the board. JOHN SCALZI: Dump the
chalice right now. WIL WHEATON: Yeah,
dump the chalice. JOHN SCALZI: And then we’ve
got the two chalices right next to each other, so we
could actually just stay there, focus on that. WIL WHEATON: We may end
up regretting that. But– JOHN SCALZI: What we
do is focus here. And every time it wants
to sink those, we just rebuild those. BOBAK FERDOWSI: That’s true. Yeah. JOHN SCALZI: So we could
do that, and then we’re right here. This is a brilliant plan,
and I fully endorse it. WIL WHEATON: I’m on board. I second Scalzi’s
brilliant plan. Do we have a quorum
for the plan? JASON FINN: We do. I have four sandbag cards in my
pocket I brought home, too. WIL WHEATON: Oh, good, good. JASON FINN: There has to be
all this discussion, or there’s going to be a– If you had to do a silent
version of this game, it would just be mind blowing. I bet there’s a pro league in
Belarus or somewhere, like a pro Forbidden Island
league where it’s like, totally silent. JOHN SCALZI: I see no possible
way this brilliant plan could ever fail. WIL WHEATON: [INAUDIBLE] OK. So now, the waters will rise. This is the last time we’re
going to be drawing three. So look, we are going
to be drawing– every one of these cards
is terrible. Super bad news. JASON FINN: Yes. BOBAK FERDOWSI: I think with
the water rising as it is right now, it’s a little scary,
just because parts of the board are so far apart. And we need to keep the center
of the board intact, also, so that people like myself, which
can’t move over water or fly, can get around. WIL WHEATON: How does this
compare to guiding Curiosity to the surface of Mars? BOBAK FERDOWSI: You know what? At least on Mars, everything
was over by the time we realized what it was. So waiting for that 14 minute
delay was kind of nice. WIL WHEATON: The first time I
played “Forbidden Island,” it was before the official release,
on the only copy of the game that existed in
the world, with the designer, Matt Leacock. And now I’m playing with my
friend who is a real NASA engineer, my friend who is an
award-winning science fiction author, and my friend who is
from the freaking Presidents of the United States
of America. I cannot lost this game. Here’s what’s going to happen. Ready? This is happening. The Cave of Shadows
is flooding. Fool’s Landing is flooding. And then finally, Whispering
Garden is flooding. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Oh, that’s
my biggest fear. I got it, I got it. WIL WHEATON: We’re safe
for two more turns. Because we have the
three Waters Rise cards are already here. JOHN SCALZI: Right. WIL WHEATON: So we’re
safe for two turns. JASON FINN: The plan that I
have, at least for this round of turns, involves some risk. And that would be me taking the
pilot and flying over to the engineer’s square, giving
Bobak the fourth, I’m sorry, the third flame card, and then
shoring up, I don’t know, Whispering Glen. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Whispering
Garden there. JASON FINN: And then, of course,
your turn, the risk is if Fool’s Landing comes
up, we lose the game. So I probably have
to ditch that and shore it up now, right? WIL WHEATON: Another thing
you could do, Jason, you could fly to me. You could give me the fire card,
which does not cause us to discard a fire card. JASON FINN: Right. WIL WHEATON: All right? That’s two actions. And then on your third action,
you shore up Fool’s Landing. JASON FINN: You’re great. I love that. That’s what we’re doing. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Because
he’s the messenger. JASON FINN: You knew that
the whole time. He just wanted me to
talk about stuff. WIL WHEATON: Look, I’m not going
to be a table captain. JASON FINN: Oh, jeez. I really like the cooperative
nature of this game. I’m really enjoying
playing it. But the reason that I signed up
in the first place was I’m going to kick Wheaton’s
ass at something. WIL WHEATON: That was great. That was good, it was thinking
ahead there. JOHN SCALZI: It’s teamwork. Teamwork is happening
all over the place. WIL WHEATON: All right,
how about some theoretically good cards? JASON FINN: In theory, yeah. WIL WHEATON: How about
a helicopter lift? BOBAK FERDOWSI: Oh, lucky
you, the pilot with two helicopter lifts. WIL WHEATON: Now your second
card is earth, which is great, because it’s the thing
we don’t care about. All right, let’s find out what
the island does on its turn. Coral Palace will flood. That’s underneath
the engineer. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: Now the Gold Gate
is going to go away. [WATER BUBBLING] WIL WHEATON: And our final thing
that’s happening is the Cave of Embers, which
is next to Fool’s Landing, is going to flood. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: So go ahead
and do that. Hey, Scalzi, how’s it going? JOHN SCALZI: [SINGING] I feel good. WIL WHEATON: What are you
going to do now, sir? JOHN SCALZI: One, go to
Whispering Garden, and two, to flip it, and then to flip
the Coral Palace. WIL WHEATON: That’s
three moves. May I just throw a
thing out here? JOHN SCALZI: You so often
throw things out. He’s got a losing record, but
he’s played so many games that he’s won more games than almost
anybody else, even if he’s got the losing record. So he’s like the football coach
that keeps getting two year contracts, and gets let go
at the end of it, and still gets another two
year contract. You know he knows the game. You just hope this time,
it’s going to get you to the Super Bowl. WIL WHEATON: OK. You have a helicopter card. I do have a helicopter card. WIL WHEATON: So with a
helicopter card, you can move one person or two people on the
same tile anywhere else. OK? We can even use two of those
cards, and the three of us end up here. JOHN SCALZI: Whispering
Garden, yeah. WIL WHEATON: OK? That saves you a move action. You still get to shore
two things. But you also give me a wind,
which then I can just distribute around. Helicopter cards are really
valuable, really powerful. But we have got to increase our
ratio of good cards to bad cards in the treasure deck
before we reshuffle. JOHN SCALZI: I am totally for
this, in a general sense, if you think we can
pull this off. Do you feel confident
about this? WIL WHEATON: No. No of course I don’t. I don’t feel confident about
anything until I’m in front of the wall of victory. JASON FINN: Yes, yes. WIL WHEATON: So helicopter. JOHN SCALZI: Thup,
thup, thup, thup. WIL WHEATON: All right. These go back into
this pile here. OK. So now, do your first
real action. JOHN SCALZI: Shoring up that. WIL WHEATON: Uh-huh. JOHN SCALZI: And shoring. WIL WHEATON: Yup, OK. JOHN SCALZI: And then here. I got nothing. I literally got nothing. JASON FINN: Man, with four
people, getting the cards to the right spot as things
start to get underwater, man, it’s hairy. WIL WHEATON: Now let’s find
out what kind of nasty nastiness the island
does to us. The Copper Gate is
going to flood. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: The Misty Marsh
is going to sink. That’s behind the, yeah. [WATER BUBBLING] JOHN SCALZI: Bye bye,
Misty Marsh. WIL WHEATON: And Breakers
Ridge is going to flood. All right. That’s good, that’s there. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: All right,
that’s good. JOHN SCALZI: How far away are
we from Waters Rising? WIL WHEATON: We don’t know. You want me to count it? One, two, three of 12, 13, 14. JOHN SCALZI: So 3 to 14. WIL WHEATON: 3 in 14. JOHN SCALZI: That’s about 20%. How do you like those odds? WIL WHEATON: Look, a 3 in 14
chance of success is better than a 1 in 14 chance
of success. In fact, it’s three
times as good. JOHN SCALZI: The simple fact of
the matter is that we can’t risk losing that, because we
also have the Cave of the Shadows submerged. So somebody’s got to
go shore that up. And he might as well go here
and shore up both of these. WIL WHEATON: So on my turn,
I go, watch this. Two actions. Scalzi– JASON FINN: Why don’t you give
Bobak the two fires? WIL WHEATON: Well, then he has
to discard things, and I don’t want that to happen. JASON FINN: Right, right,
right, right, I see. [INAUDIBLE] High stress. WIL WHEATON: You know, it’s the
whole peer review process is really intense. I normally enjoy strategizing
in a game like this, but I’m really self-conscious today. Sitting to my left is an actual
NASA flight engineer who put a spaceship on Mars. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Thank God I’ve
got Wil Wheaton on my team, and on my shirt. This could be, game over. WIL WHEATON: This could
be super duper, duper, duper, duper bad. It could be super duper,
duper bad. JOHN SCALZI: But you have to
do a little bit of risk. WIL WHEATON: Yup. The game over aspect would be if
the waters rise and we drop both the caves. JASON FINN: Let’s just clear
our minds and not think too much about the particular
cards that will totally kill us. We’ll just think about– JOHN SCALZI: If we die on this
turn, I always loved you. JASON FINN: Oh, that’s sweet. If we all die on this turn, I’m
going to fly away in my helicopter and leave
you all to drown. JOHN SCALZI: If a flood happens,
if the waters rise, we’re screwed. But if it doesn’t, and we manage
to get through this particular round, then
we’re going to be in a really good position. It’s gambling. WIL WHEATON: OK, all right,
I can keep shuffling them forever, but sooner or later
I have to draw them. All right, you ready for some
theoretically good cards? I’m going to show, I’m going to
turn it away from me first. Oh. [DISAPPOINTED YELLING] JOHN SCALZI: Damn
you, Wheaton! BOBAK FERDOWSI: At least
it wasn’t [INAUDIBLE]. WIL WHEATON: Wow, earth. That’s super [BLEEP] great. Thanks. That’s helpful. OK, the waters rise. JOHN SCALZI: So this
is on you. This is you. WIL WHEATON: Totally on me. All right. [WATER BUBBLING] WIL WHEATON: By the time you get
from three to four, your deck is so thin from sunken
tiles, every single time you turn something over,
it is bad. This might be where
we lose the game. This might be, it
might happen. JOHN SCALZI: It’s all on you. WIL WHEATON: It might happen. It is all on me. Of course, if it’s all
on me, we’re losing. If it’s all on me, we’re
drawing two caves. I’m just going to tell you, if
it’s all on me, two of these four cards are going
to be caves. Because I watch this show. And we recycle plots. All right, you guys, I’m
going to do my best, I’m doing my best. Here we go. JASON FINN: OK, don’t
[INAUDIBLE]. WIL WHEATON: Copper Gate. [WATER BUBBLING] WIL WHEATON: That’s good. Breaker’s Ridge. That’s also good! [WATER BUBBLING] WIL WHEATON: OK. Coral Palace. No, that’s OK! We don’t lose this turn. [WAVES CRASHING] WIL WHEATON: You guys, we
don’t lose this turn! JOHN SCALZI: Wil is fun,
because he’s so clearly excited about the game. You just watch him. And it really is, literally,
the 12-year-old boy in the candy shop. And by literally, I
mean figuratively. Wait, was that three? WIL WHEATON: That’s
three, four. The Cave of Embers. That’s bad. BOBAK FERDOWSI: That’s bad. That means that we
have to shore– that’s bad. WIL WHEATON: That’s bad. That’s bad. That’s bad. That’s– BOBAK FERDOWSI: I physically
can not get to the Cave of Shadows, for example. WIL WHEATON: Definitely bad. But the only person who can
get to Cave of Shadows is Finn, because he’s the
helicopter pilot. This game just got really,
really hard. JOHN SCALZI: But can the
diver get there? JASON FINN: Scalzi can
get there, sure. WIL WHEATON: You could get there
from the Observatory or the Watch Tower. JOHN SCALZI: The diver becomes
more powerful the longer you play, because he has
a longer reach. I mean, he can get all the way
across the board if he needs to, as long as there’s
a clear path. WIL WHEATON: But it’s
Bobak’s turn. BOBAK FERDOWSI: It is. I’m feeling good. So I think first move– WIL WHEATON: Hey, guess what? You don’t have to worry about
shoring up that cave anymore. BOBAK FERDOWSI: No, I don’t have
to save that guy anymore. I want to give you this wind. WIL WHEATON: [SINGING] Thank you, I’ve got the wind. BOBAK FERDOWSI: Aslan, there. WIL WHEATON: Yeah, I’ve
got lots of wind. BOBAK FERDOWSI: I guess,
honestly, shore up Coral Palace, because– WIL WHEATON: Good idea, yeah. Keep a path. Yeah, all right. BOBAK FERDOWSI: And then, I
assume my best bet is to keep near this area. Let’s make that happen. WIL WHEATON: How about
some good cards? BOBAK FERDOWSI: I like those. WIL WHEATON: Have some
earth, that’s useful, and have some air. BOBAK FERDOWSI: I have
the chalices. WIL WHEATON: That’s actually
really good. BOBAK FERDOWSI: I’ll
discard that. Yeah. WIL WHEATON: I am as surprised
as anyone that we have not lost the game yet. Yet being the operative
word in that sentence. Now we might lose the game, but
we would lose it on your turn instead of mine. BOBAK FERDOWSI: That’s
true, that’s true. WIL WHEATON: OK, the Cave of
Shadows, we lose the game. The Cave of Shadows sinks. [WATER BUBBLING] BOBAK FERDOWSI: GG, guys. JASON FINN: That stinks. WIL WHEATON: GG, everybody. GG. Way to go, Bobak. JOHN SCALZI: I would just like
to say, at the moment, that this is probably what we get
for coming to this island rapaciously, with the intent
to steal these priceless artifacts that the Arkaeans
spent so much time hiding to avoid this sort of
destruction. WIL WHEATON: I mean, they did
make it very clear that the island was forbidden. JOHN SCALZI: That’s right
there, it’s right there on the title. WIL WHEATON: So what’s going to
happen now is we’re going to go to the loser’s couch. “Forbidden Island” is going to
go downstairs, and it’s going to take its place next to Matt’s
other game, “Pandemic,” that also beat us. And it’s going to
get a [BLEEP] thing that it does. You don’t even care. You don’t care that you
won, you’re a box. [BLEEP]. [TRUMPET FANFARE] -Guys, can you scoot down? I forgot the Will sign out, and
I don’t want to get fired. JASON FINN: Right, yeah. -There’s one more thing
on this show. JASON FINN: It’s always
something, isn’t it? WIL WHEATON: Oh, you
guys, you guys, you guys, I am so, so sorry. I really thought that we had a
chance, until I saw what the board looked like at the
beginning of the game. All right, look, I got to go
downstairs and give an award to a box that doesn’t
even care. Sincerely, though, thanks a lot
for coming to play on the show, you guys. JASON FINN: Cash prizes? WIL WHEATON: Um, yes, there
are cash prizes. Let me just [MUMBLE]– JASON FINN: Whatever comes back
here, it’s not going to be a cash prize. WIL WHEATON: Well, “Forbidden
Island,” I think you got a little bit of a lucky draw, but
you played really well. We played our best game, you
played your best game. You emerged victorious, you
earned this victory. You absolutely deserve
the Wall of Victory. In fact, I’m going to let you
go ahead and call for it. So whenever you’re ready,
you just let us know. I have to say, Forbidden Island,
I think you’re kind of being a dick. You are not being a gracious
winner at all. But Matt Leacock. You are now two and zero
against TableTop. I think you should have
a special badge of board game geek. Thank you very much
for watching. Until next time, play more
games, and we’ll see you right back here on “TableTop.” -They’re, uh, not cash. Or real. JASON FINN: Or prizes, really.

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100 thoughts on “Forbidden Island: Wil Wheaton, John Scalzi, Bobak Ferdowsi, and Jason Finn on TableTop SE2E05

  1. On my way home from work I walk past a shop selling board games and I often wonder what the games in the window are like to play.

  2. Didn't the pilot still have a helicopter card?? He could've used it to move the engineer to the cave and flip it that turn!

  3. Why hasn't this show been picked up for TV? This is the best watching paint dry show since Watercolour Challenge. It shouldn't work, but it is so addictive. More fun than watching poker or chess on the TV. Perfect late night after the pub fare. And the quality of the guests has been outstanding. Perfect for Quest or here in the UK Dave.

  4. We just finished beating ourselves to death playing this game. You guys are making rules LOL
    Only the Engineer can shore up 2 places per action.

  5. As a ESL (English as a Second Language) reading comprehension lesson I have my students read game instructions and then "teach" me how to play the game depending on their understanding. It also helps with giving instructions and conversation English. It makes for a fun and interesting lesson. Today we are going to play Forbidden Island.

  6. Bought Forbidden Island today and went back to a friends house with two friends to play. We played one game and IMMEDIATELY set it back up to play again. So so much fun, thanks SO MUCH to Wil Wheaton and TableTop for introducing us to our new favorite game!!!

  7. Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Jason have an air lift at the end which he could have used to move Robak to the Cave for free to protect it???? Pooh that sucks for them! 😛

  8. I think these guys could make a game of chess seem wild and exciting. So much so that I'm not so sure how fun the game actually IS, for my nephews…

  9. So can anyone answer this question? When Finn choose to use his three actions to give the three treasure cards to Scalzi, they then show Scalzi immediately use his actions to swim, move and then claim a treasure. My question is wasn't Finn suppose to have then drawn treasure cards and then flood cards to finish his turn prior to Scalzi starting his turn with his actions? Did they jump the gun and forget that step or did Finn actually finish his turn and they basically skipped ahead to Scalzi's turn through the magic of video editing?

  10. My family played this for the first time last night with a very similar set-up, but no pilot or diver. It was a terrible loss. Can't wait to try it again.

  11. Will made a lot of strategy fails… "We need to increase good cards in the discards… we don't want to make him discard those cards"

  12. OK this island is alive and will try to protect itself and its secrets, so it's going to disappear in the sea. Right. What a stupid idea. Would like to try it once, but never want to own it.

  13. It's amazing how similar this game is in Mechanics to Pandemic. I don't know whether to congratulate the designer for being able to get away with designing identical games, or to be upset at him for doing so lol.

  14. Got this second hand, mint, probably not even played, for 3€. The box is worth more than that! Also, was Ferdowsi wearing a Star Trek shirt? He was, indeed.

  15. Love John Scalzi's books. I've read or listened to almost all of his books and there isn't a bad one among them.

  16. I don't think you lose if the path to the helipad is lost, since players can still use the helicopter lift cards to get there. Yes, your chances of winning do decrease a lot, but you don't instantly lose.

  17. This show has made me want to buy like 20 different games. My question is, which is better; "Forbidden Island" or "Forbidden Desert?" (if you could only get one, which would it be?)

  18. So, no way that anyone is gonna read this but at 10:09 Wil said that he could use sandbags on Fool's Landing to shore it up. Problem is that he can't because you can't use sandbags on a tile that has it's flood card in the discard pile. Only way to use sandbags is after a waters rise and putting the discard back in the flood deck or by going through the whole flood deck and shuffling the discard pile to make a new one. You're breaking the ROOLZ WIL (especially at 15:00 ) .

  19. This is awesome. I'm a huge fan of John scalzi (I actually voted at worldcon for Redshirts to win the hugo ) and a huge fan of tabletop gaming. Can't believe I just now saw this.

  20. Is it just me or did Bobak have a Sandbags card in his hand when the game ended? Makes me wonder why none of you suggested using it when both caves were flooded.

  21. He messed up on the rules. If the path to Fool's Landing sinks you don't lose. However, if a tile sinks while any player is on it you lose. They lost 10 minutes in.

  22. Seriously does nobody else think his voice at the start sounded like comic book guy from the Simpsons?

  23. I'm looking for some answers as to ending the game… all of my team members were successfully on fool's landing and a helicopter card was played, but the water level was one notch below fatal, so to finish the turn, two treasure cards were drawn and one of them was a "waters rise" card, but I'm not sure whether or not you have to draw treasure cards in that situation. Just want to know if we won or lost.

  24. The key to winning Forbidden Island is that players need to stick close together and not be too far away after the end of your turn.

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