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  1. While I personally believe drug use is a absolute waste of time, I have many family memebrs with addictions to alcohol and drugs, I have become an advocate for endign the drug war. I always had a problem witht he statement marijuana didn't kill anyone. That is a patently false statement when you take into account the murders of the Juarez cartels in Northern Mexico. With that being said, I am FOR the legalization of drugs such as those which do not contribute to violent and dangerous behaviors.

  2. Also the legalization of all gambling and prostitution I am for as well. Cutting into the pockets of pimps, bookies, and organized crime is a great way to combat them. I often am curious what organized crime in the Netherlands is like. I ams ure there is some, but what do they sell when hooking and weed are legal?

  3. Ah.. the Dutch don't legalize supply. That may in fact be part of the reason that the organized crime does exist there. Perhaps we should look at that part very heavily when we decide to legalize so called soft drugs.

  4. Get out from under the Federal Reserve and going with the gold standard on our money is the true answer to solving our problems. Pumping more money into the government by legalizing unethical business will only help for a very short time. Then we'll go back to the current problems, and as history trends, always worse than before. This argument presents a band-aid.

  5. I have been saying this for years. Thanks for saying it publicly. Good luck getting it done. The upside is that most of the old stick in the muds are about my age, so it will be less difficult to do this in the future. A lot of the younger ones are more agreeable, and less brain dead, even on drugs, than their older counterparts.

  6. Thank you for replying, MIB205. I'm for decriminalizing in the interest of helping people seek help out of their traps of poison and imprisionment. Yes, that is a pretty big Band-Aid and I foresee a good chunk of that revenue disappearing like the money that is generated from the tobacco tax. Do we really have proof that money is going where we were promised it would?

  7. The only thing that I disagree with is letting all of the non-violent people out of jail. Some people should be there. Like non-violent sexual crimes. In my teenage years I had a non-violent sexual thing happen to me without my consent. Yet instead of locking him up for at least a min. they chose to do nothing. Because the jail population was so over crowded. It is more important putting someone in jail for traffic violations than that? How is that justice?

  8. I agree that we should legalize vices. Vices are not crimes. But the notion that giving the government more money will solve the deficit problem is naive. Taxes on alcohol and cigarettes and legalized gambling in some states has not born that out. Although Oakland and other local California cities certainly benefit from medical marijuana revenue, California is still bankrupt. Government spending, not revenues, is the key

  9. This does not include the cost of enforcement on local, county, state and the federal levels. Add up the general expenses, OT, benefits, equipment, ets, and add at least another $100 billion. Minimum.

  10. That's actually not true. In places where they have legal drugs people tend not to do drugs and if they do it is much easier to get off them.
    Also, there will actually be less diseases if the sex trade is legalized. Just think more medical checks, more free condoms and better education and protection for women working in the field. As for the price, I don't think it can get any cheaper. There are places where girls are giving blow jobs for $20 or less already.

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