Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : Explanation of the Poker Magic Card Trick

Hi everybody! Malik the Magic Guy for
Now let me teach you the full deck setup poker trick that I just did for you. Now this again
was one of my favorite tricks when I was a young magician, and it uses the ace through
king setup that I showed you before. These are some different cards that we had preset.
These are actually jumbo index cards, but that’s fine, they’ll still work for this.
So the deck goes ace through king, ace through king, ace through king and ace through king;
if you want you can pull the deck out and give it a couple of false cuts just like we
did before. Now like I talked about before, the sequence is independent of where the beginning
and end is, so you can have Mr. Hand cut the deck, and all long as they just cut in half
and complete the cut, it is not going to disturb anything. So why don’t you do it one more
time and complete the cut, so now what we want to do is start dealing seven hands of
five card poker. We’ll just deal six, and then the seventh one will go here…now this
is a little bit of a small table for this, but we’ll try and keep it. Now on the second
time around, as you’re telling your story, you’re going to say how you saw a good card
on the bottom and you take that, and you really do take the bottom card. Now you keep on dealing,
and on the fourth time around, you’re going to take the bottom card again. And eliminate
these cards, because in the story you say they caught the dealer cheating and they kicked
him out of the game. So then you finish dealing the other players’ hands, and then you agree
to play with just the next five cards from the top of the deck, and you can put these
cards aside. Then you start revealing that every player has a full house. Now the full
houses will be different each time you do this because of where they cut the deck in
the starting and ending points. But what you’ll find is each, each player will have a full
house. And in an ideal situation, they get progressively better as you go: this one’s
going to be kings, this one’s going to be aces, this one’s kings with sevens, this
one’s aces with eights, this one is nines with twos, but the dealer’s hand is always
going to be either a straight or a straight flush. It’s ideal if it’s a straight flush,
because this looks really nice; sometimes you’ll have these two different suits and
it’ll just be a straight, but either way it’ll be a better hand than a full house,
and if you’re doing this for anybody who likes to play cards, this is a really cool
trick. So just watch that again so you get the sequence down, but you practice that,
that’s a really cool trick to do for people who like poker, that’s the full deck setup
poker demonstration.

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100 thoughts on “Free Magic Card Tricks: Full Deck Arrangements : Explanation of the Poker Magic Card Trick

  1. the way u set up the deck u cant start with the ace u start with king to ace king to ace king to ace king to ace…. and then youre done

  2. don't make a comment saying "i would take a full house over a straight any day" because the straight shown in the trick is not a common straight.
    IT IS A STRAIGHT FLUSH!!!! it only means that STRAIGHT FLUSH beats FULL HOUSE!!

  3. IDIOTS!! a full house beats a straight yeah… but not a STRAIGHT FLUSH!!! god damn idiot…. you guys cant play poker so just go back to your xbox or ps3!!!!

  4. you do know that a straight flush is better than full house right..? its the second best hand in poker

  5. 1. copy and paste
    2. send this to 2 other videos.
    3. hold your breath for 10 seconds
    4. press refresh twice

  6. Ok if you read this the nearest friday will be the best day ever.
    Love: Your crush wil kiss you secretly
    Money: You will find $100,000,000 at 5:00 p.m. on the ground.
    Luck: Someone will try to shoot you. You will dodge it and run.
    But, if you do not copy and paste to at least 4 other videos, your crush will slap you

  7. haha i know this trick but…. if you deal out 13 cards, and then start again from the top and deal 13 cards again on top of the other ones, and do that until u have no more cards… you will have all the aces, kings, queens jacks tens and all the cards in order

  8. if u deal this with 6 hands of poker instead of 7.. everybody has nothing and you end up with a straight flush 🙂

  9. smanole is right a straight doesnt beat a full house – surprised he didnt know that? Good routine though

  10. Just no… firstly, "royal straight flush" is redundant. Saying "royal flush" indicates it's also a straight. Secondly, a straight flush is a straight with all the same suit, as you should already know. A royal flush is a straight flush with ace high card. Doesn't need to be diamonds, just a straight 10, J, Q, K, A all of the same suit. Look it up.

  11. LOL??? royale flush is 10, jack, queen, king, ace, all of the same suit… stright flush is like 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, all of them in same suit…

  12. well thank you i didnt know that. daaaah.
    Listen to whay he's saying idiot, he says "a STRAIGHT is better than a full house"

  13. well then we must be playing different games because in all the poker games i play a straight does not beat a full house

  14. You're playing Texas Hold-em.
    This guy is dealing 5 cards to everyone. In Texas, you get 2 cards, and then a 5 card community.
    Theres a better chance you will get 5 cards in the same order in a 7 card community than 5 cards in sequence in a 5 card deal.You have to be bang on, 100%.

  15. hahahahaha u fucking idiot. of course a straight dosnt beat a full house. id love to play poker with u. morrrrrrrron. heeeeeee haw!

  16. 1. high card
    2. 1 pair
    3. 2 pair
    4. 3 of a kind
    5. straight.
    6. flush
    7. full house.
    8. 4 of a kind
    9. straight flush.
    10. royal flush/royal straight flush. however u wannna say it.

    now kiss my ass any tool that dissagrees.

  17. kwark1223…hahahahhahahahaha u r so funny. i know u dont really believe what your saying is true so stop acting the fool. id so love to play poker with u.

    heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee haw!

  18. In 5 card poker, a straight is 2nd best, followed by a straight flush as the most powerful hand.
    In Texas hold- em, Full house beats a straight.

  19. all you babies who are saying that full house is better than the straight flush stop playing poker because your parents dont know how to play poker…
    Just learn Poker… search in Google Images: Poker rankings…

  20. royal flush
    straight flush
    four of a kind
    full house
    three of a kind
    two pair

  21. if you watch the video he sais that a straight beets a full house!!! thats how this whole thing got started i said something like two months ago and people were calling me an idiot, but i was right

  22. oh my god!!!!! i know what he got!!! watch the frickin video he sais a straight beets a fulll house!!!!! listen to what im saying!!!!!

  23. @bianchiniman
    OOh Crap!

  24. ok he sais word for word " The daelers hand will always be a straight or a straight flush, its ideal if its a straight flush because it looks nicer, but EITHER WAY YOU WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Anyway…
    There are million kinds of poker…
    some of them a straight beats a full house… You can change the rules if you want it…
    If you dont like it then just play Texas hold'em…
    And YES sometimes A STRAIGHT BEAT A FULL HOUSE… (I play many times of poker and me and my buddies are changing the rules because WE CAN!)

  26. @bianchiniman
    No we are not… look at the title of the video…
    You are talking about texas because you are thinking that you are an expert… he can say from the start: Lets say that Straight beats full house…
    Anyway Im talking with you for days… Ill stop right now… when you learn poker you will find out whats your fault… Good-Bye…

  27. you know what dude thats fine im talking about pro poker not some stupid nickle and dime game at your buddies house!!!! and he could say lets make a straight beet a full house but then he could say a Ace high beets a royal flush….. but he doesnt because he is talking about regular poker wether its five card draw texas hold'em or any other poker game known to man except for low ball of course, so you know what you go ahead and live in your dream land and i will be playing regular poker!!!!!!!!!

  28. @bianchiniman
    Dont say you will playr regural poker… You know only 3 or 4 kinds of poker and you think that this are the original… You make your own rules everyone saying that yes he can say that the straight beats full house but you are in your world and you dont understand… … ( play with your friends with your own rules while I'll play The REALLY regural poker)…

  29. @gicandg71 yes,in some type of poker game,a straight beat a full house
    but I don't think JQKA2 or QKA23 or KA234 is a straight
    yes,you can say"hay,I change the rules,JQKA2 or QKA23 or KA234 is a straight"
    but when you do this trick,make sure your friend know that
    or they will just say"WTF!"

  30. @bianchiniman sometimes,a straight beat a full house(only use half of deck to play)
    actually the problem is,JQKA2 or QKA23 or KA234 was not even a straight
    so you are right,the daelers will lose sometime
    and you are right,a full house usually beat a straight
    this trick just not good enough
    and,someone(gicandXXX) play poker with only himself(LOL)
    so,he(XXXandg71) can say that a straight beat a full house(WTF!who change the rules?)

  31. @bygod1990
    Im bored with this conversation.. Poker isnt just Texas Hold'em…
    In many types of poker straight and straight flush beats full house so live with it!

  32. @TeenageRollers25 Anyone who plays poker will know this trick is shit as a full house is better thana straight but a straight flush beats a full house

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