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Hi! I’m Malik the Magic Guy with
Let me show you one other cool poker type trick you can do using the Si Stebbins setup.
And well have the cards cut again. This time I’ll do it; we’ll give Mr. Hand a break,
but you can have the cards cut as many times as you’d like. What you’re going to do
is deal out four hands of 5 card poker, so there’s just like that. And because the
way the Si Stebbins principle works, because it’s a mathematically based principle, what
we’ll find is, if we’re dealing out four hands of 5 card poker, that each hand is going
to be a straight flush. This one’s actually a really good royal flush. And then we have—this
one’s actually not a true flush because, not a true straight because the king, but
we can call that a flush. Anyway, so you’d get four really good poker hands. You could
put that into another routine, and you can have a lot of fun with that. That’s the
way to do a poker based demonstration using Si Stebbins.

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