Friends – “the Test” Part 1 – Challenge

Joey:And I’m still right Monica: That is sooo not true! Rachel: What? Joey: She’s mad because I know today’s her laundry day and that means she’s wearing her old lady underpants Chandler: I can check that for ya Monica: I just—I can’t believe that you think that you and Chandler know me and Rachel better than we know you. Chandler: Well… we-we do. You can only eat Tic Tacks in even numbers Joey: Yeah, what’s that about? Chandler: (to Rachel) And you… Ross, I believe, if you check Rachel’s bag you will find a half-eaten box of cookies in there Ross: (He does so, and finds a half-eaten box of cookies.) You’re good. (Tries a cookie.) These are not. ……. Rachel: I’m so not impressed. Everybody snacks when they shop.Monica: Yeah. Joey: Oh yeah? Ross, how many items left in that bag?Ross: Five. How many guesses do you get six challenge extended? Deal Challenge accepted All right, we’ll start with apples will be starting with apples Stop that now Yes, okay, uh tortilla chips yogurt diet soda yes, yes, yes Orange juice no there’s no oranges in there. We win. Hey have another guess Okay, what we won that one Okay, the last thing oh no, no, not for like another two weeks, I Got it scotch tape How did you know she would buy scotch tape? Well? We used up theirs last night making scary faces guys Do you realize [that] any minute [now]? Pee pee could be pregnant. [I] know I know it’s such a huge life-altering thing The test is ready Okay each Team will answer ten questions The first team to answer the most questions wins the categories are fears and pet peeves ancient history literature and It’s all relative Now the coin toss to see who goes first Okay, somebody call it this time tails its head gentlemen pick your category fears and pet peeves What is Monica’s biggest pet peeve animals dressed as humans that’s correct [ladies] same Category According to chandler. What phenomenon scares the bejesus out of him? Michael Flatley Lord on the Dance That is correct The Irish Jig guy his legs flail about as if independent from his body Gentlemen your pick it’s all relative Monica, and I had a grandmother who died you both went to her funeral name that grandmother Nana, she has a real name Althea althea, what are you doing? I took a shot. You’re shooting, [adelphia]. I’ll see you is correct. [hey] shooting We’ll take literature Every week the TV guide comes to chandler and Joey’s apartment What name appears on the address label? [oh]? I’m afraid the TV guide comes to Chanandler [bomb] I Knew that Rachel use your head actually [it’s] Miss Chanandler bomb

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100 thoughts on “Friends – “the Test” Part 1 – Challenge

  1. It's just a disgusting thing phoebe agreeing to be her half brother's surget mother for his babies WTF THAT'S JUST HELLA WRONG IN SO MANY WAYS

  2. I still remember this Episode,
    Really nice refreshing entertainment.
    Except …. oh we traditional backwards who use to have half of our newspaper censored.
    Enjoy simile smile

  3. Oops

  4. Joey: "The Irish Jig guy"
    Chandler: "His legs flail about as if independent from his body"
    Lmfao 😂🤣

  5. Did anyone noticed?.. Chandler had a peek while telling Ross "Stop that now!"

    I watched it multiple times but never realised

  6. This was my first video of friends before 6 months from now I have watched whole series but I feel ending was so not so not you know you I mean ..

  7. It's very clear that the girls would've been tied 2-2 if they got the TV guide question right and the problem is that Monica blamed Rachel for losing the game for missing that question. Rachel really should've hit Monica for blaming her. They would've been tied sooner to go to the lightning round and the girls would've lost for not knowing Chandler's job.
    Ignorant people need to stop siding with Monica and realize that Rachel wasn't the reason they lost.

  8. Irony is that Joey can’t remember any women’s name but he remembers Monica is Nana’s name😂😂

  9. When I watched this episode I thought Joey gonna act stupid 💀, damn he knows everything about them.

  10. “He’s a transpons-transponser!”
    “That’s not even a woooord!”

    5 seconds later…


  11. Part 2 says: this video contains content from WBTV, who has blocked it on copyright grounds.

    I hate that, why that's happened to me some videos says the same thing damnit😕😐💔

  12. I seriously wonder how a self centered person like Rachel claims to know someone like that, proof she got only one question right.

  13. Ross doesn’t know them all better. He just wrote all the things HE knows about them, but I’m sure the rest of them also know a lot of other things that Ross doesn’t.

  14. 2:30 "the first team to answer the most questions wins" Surely the first team to answer a question should win then (1 question answered Vs 0 by other team) … Ross also didn't mention whether the answer had to be correct or not…

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