Funniest & Weirdest Gambling Commercials Ever

Hello and welcome to our list of the top 5
funniest gambling adverts. There are so many rules and regs when it comes to advertising
gambling, that the ads are getting more and more creative, ranging from the mildly funny
to the traumatisingly weird; here’s our top 5 gambling adverts that pulled it off,
with style. If we’re honest we could make a whole video just about Paddy Power Ads! Actually we did
– it’s right here. One of their funniest campaigns was their Facebook advice series;
responding to posts on their facebook face. One fan who was worried about what to do after
betting against England. The advice from Paddy Power, reasonable and fair as always; get
out of country, change your name and go into hiding. Full Tilt Poker’s 2006 ad showed off the skill of its top players have for bluffing.
Erik Seidel, one of their top players, volunteered his dead stare and pulled out his greatest
poker face for the ad. If you guessed that he did this by showing his skills at the table,
you’d be surprisingly wrong. Instead we saw him using his talents to chase away a
biker who visited his home in the middle of the night asking to take his daughter, his
wife and finally him out on a date. We’re not entirely sure if this batch of
Ladbrokes adverts were supposed to be funny or just annoying, but somehow they managed
both. The ads start off as infomercials for fake male beauty products, before being interrupted
by a very passionate fan, who was well known for his, I guess we’ll call it enthusiastic,
commentary on Milan games. Ladbrokes had the idea of taking his skill of screaming as loud
as he could and turning its focus onto their casino. Sportbet’s advert for its new betting app could be criticised for aiming at the low
hanging fruit (show boobs) The ad helpfully points out that whilst bikinis, cryogenics
and voodoo dolls are pretty great, none of them help you to bet on your mobile. It’s
funny, grabs your attention and makes us regret we’re not Australian. This older ad from Intercasino is one of the weirdest we have ever seen. Instead of showing
off their site, or banging on about the latest promos like so many ads today Intercasino
shows us a slots simulation featuring dwarves turning into cherries and then jumping, shirtless,
on top of each other in a human game of blackjack. Maybe it’s not kosher, but it certainly
caught our attention and the top spot on this list. Thanks for watching. If there’s a great
ad you think we missed then let us know in the comments! Give us a like if you enjoyed
the video or a dislike if not and don’t forget to subscribe. Check out the rest of
our videos and see if there’s something else that catches your eye. See you again;
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