Funny Online Games With CHILLAX- Hasta La Vista PIGEON!!!!!

Hi guys! Today we are going ballistic on
fucking pigeons! Ok one particular fucking pigeon! Who has shat in my coffee. You are
enjoying the sunshine fresh air and a cup of coffee or tea, when an angry bird
from Hitchcock movie appears from nowhere. You have no time to react,
because this evil bird Pokemon decides to use his fart attack on your hot
beverage. What would you do? You would get another coffee? You would dress up and go to work? Of course
not! You are calling jihad on the fucking bird. You decide to start
training your spitting muscles and stuff. Warning! This game is gross! Lets grab the
stinky socks what are all around the crackhouse! When it’s done we will start the training. Let’s Spit! Improve your accuracy
but on whom? Just On Bieber! I mean it’s sick. Zero
tolerance Load, aim and fire! and baby baby baby yak! Well done young padavan!
The force is with you! Now that you’ve destroyed the sith lord we lloot the fridge. Eat as
much junk food as you can this way we decrease your PH level so u spit green,
lethal, radioactive acid. Makes sense? Not sure? Eat bitch! Eat!! Don’t forget your salivary gland.
A bit of weight training won’t kill you you skinny ass bitch! This training will
help you shoot the saliva like a catapult by using yur muscles. If you survived the three repetitions we go to the next exercise. Sir! I’ve recieved your x-rays and I have
bad news… You are a freakin Android!! But nevermind probably John Connor has sent you back from the future to eliminate the pigeon population, because a pigion has shat in his coffee. Or will. What ever! Hi babe! You’ve forgot to pick me up for our date. Are you allright? I love you too! Hasta La Vista Pigion! Hey bitch! I send you a bit of bird flu. I
hope you like it Fatality! Don’t you fucking mess around
with my coffee! Ok guys! Mission accomplished. The bird is
dead. I’m a guru in several useful areas and I can drink my fucking coffee in peace. Don’t forget to LIKE subscribe and if
you get in trouble with any feathered bastards, “Better call Saul!” Thanks for
watching my video. Let me know what you think! Your opinion is important. I will
develop the channel suited to my audiance. A kickstart would help a lot and I would
make videos about games, actual news and reviews. See you very soon!

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