Gambling for the adrenaline rush

Now if you go up there at any
given time at night, you’ll see a bunch of young men with
what we call high and tight. And lo and behold,
they’re Marines. And they’re Marines that are
serving at the OAF and OEF. And what they’re doing is, in
between deployments, they’re losing their paycheck. And they’re not giving their
paycheck to their spouse, or they’re not spending it on what
they should be spending it on, their families. They’re having that adrenalin
rush by gambling. I have a great friend that I
know very well, and he is now nine months sober in terms
of not gambling. And he would say to me, Bill,
the reason I gamble is to get across from the table
from those civilians and win their money. But the problem was,
he never won. He would never win, and he would
stay there until he lost virtually, literally, all the
money that he had with him. And then he’d go to the ATM and
get another $1,000, and he would lose that. And he would sometimes be a
couple thousand up, and he should go home. But he would stay there all
night and lose all that money that he was up. So I would tell him, you know,
you’ve got to stop this. So his thing was gambling and
living and gambling because of the adrenalin rush that
accompanied winning and beating these guys. He would look at them like
the enemy, and this is what he told me. And I suspect that for most
people it’s like that– it is for combat veterans.

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