10 thoughts on “Gambling Simulator Excel Spreadsheet

  1. Help me please. How do you use this if you need 2,7 % of the European roulette, for winning 1 number. like 36/37… how to select the fitting rand()*0,99999 ? im helpless. ty in advance

  2. Is this accurate if it’s assigning .0 a value? Where 1-10 being under 5 means 50% but 0-10 being under 5 means a 54.54%

  3. Great video. Teaches Excel and probabilities and solving problems logically.
    One question.
    You said in a fair game(50/50) that in 400 trials the standard deviation is 20 and that starting with a bankroll of $500 the bankroll would fluctuate between 480 and 520 about 2/3 of the time.
    My question is, would the standard deviation be 10 and not 20 and the bankroll would fluctuate between 480 and 520 95% of the time?
    I used the binomial distribution formula:
    S.D.=(npq)^.5 or
    Would that be the formula to use?

  4. This guy doing wrong things that mislead everyone. I think you better get more constructive investigation before post this on YouTube.

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