Game Theory: Solving Raticate’s “DEATH” (Pokemon Red and Blue)

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  1. Maybe he's use the evolution stone or his ratata special or……………………… his gamefreak forget it evolve on level 20

  2. 4:40
    By 4 years old I had given up on The Backyardigans, Curious George And Clifford the big red dog and moved on to world war 2 in color, greatest tank battles, hamburger hill, and dogfights.
    After watching this video I am starting to think that I was watching things that were a little too mature for me.

  3. In the game, he actually does state that he had caught over 50 kinds of Pokémon, so this does prove that he uses the pc.

  4. NO MY RAMEN. I only eat it with hot sauce. BUT NO MY RAMEN. Wait they no like cheese and want my NO NOY MY RAMMMMAAAAAAHHHN

  5. Ash: sends out pikachu vs raichu
    Me:pikachu come back
    Ash: WhAt?!
    me: sends out sandslash strategy

  6. To add to the list of Pokemon that died in the series:
    Champion Alder's Volcarona (Presumably a former) passed away sometime before the events of Black/White. It wasn't confirmed it was Volcarona specifically until Black2/White2. The cause being unknown though.

  7. I know this is old but even more evidence for this comes from what your rival says on the SS Anne, first asking how you’re Pokédex is coming along and then bragging about how they have already caught 40 different kinds of Pokémon, and yet only has 4 on his team, meaning he already has a ton stored away.

  8. also, I think it was stoutland, but feel free to correct me if i'm wrong, died of the cold to save ash's male companion in Pokemon: I Choose You.

  9. There is fun theory or it may not be a theory but the reason a wild pokemon has it easier staying in the ball after being weakend and damaged is because of there instinct to hide when they are hurt. There are even times when the pokemon has left there owner or just not happy with them, so the boll don't really make them happy or makes them heal. It's just a easy way for os people to capture them and use them for our own games.

  10. 4 gods sake blue just threw his raticate in the pc because he wanted the best
    Pokemon so i think he did theese for everything pokemon he caught he had 6 good pokemom in his party

  11. (lavender town music plays)
    me: WhY mAtPaT?! wHy????!!?!!!!
    that music still gives me vivid memories of pokemon creepypasta stories I heard!- correction… one

  12. hey i wonder what happend to charizard in detective pikachu the movie i mean he go attacked by gerados with water and he didnt even dodge is he dead?

  13. Anyone remember the Pokemon rangers game where you had to be underwater with like 4 gorebyss's. I remember I was thinking they would eat me.

  14. freezing is another way. I remember watching a pokemon movie and someone said that a pokemon that protected him froze to death trying to keep him warm when he was like 6-7 years old

  15. Ok so I made this comment before but I'll say it again on one of the episodes in pokemon x or xyz you see Clements pokemon freeze to death protecting clement

  16. im just saying

    i have not played any of these games other than minecraft and i really enjoy them! keep up the good work -game theory

    ps. MatPat ur awsome

  17. Raticate is better in his normal type eggxecute is grass type and if you are right type advantage takes grass type stats so the answer is raticate is better

  18. I remember watching Pokemon black and white when I was younger and there was one episode where Dragonite was put into his ball by Iris and it showed the inside of the ball for about 10 seconds with Iris's voice saying… Something. I forgot. But the ball was just like a 20 x 20 feet sphere of metal and there was Dragonite sitting in the middle. I don't remember which episode but I remembered grabbing my brother and showing him because we had never seen the inside of a pokeball before.

  19. Dear Matpat, please read this


    Sencierly a thing that is made out of atoms ⚛️!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. If you call having 5 pokemon in your team a handicap, you should’ve seen my first time playing pokemon (pokemon W). I beat the elite four with only surperior. And the i got zekrom

  21. Actually scoutland dies in the sun and moon animai but to be fair it came out after the video.

  22. Me: I'm sorry I killed raticate.
    Gary: what, no it just found the ghost of its dad and left my team
    Me: •_• well gotta kill "This" Raticate
    Gary: YOU KILL POKEMON?!?!
    Me: Yeah, I killed mistys staryu cuz she had a starmie
    Gary: (mind) f*** I'm friends with a killer 🙁

  23. 08:40 seems solid, but they completely revitalized when we deposit them to Bill's Storage in PC and take them back to our party – thus turning into data in the same manner… Hmm…

  24. Why would he leave it in the the computer though. You said it yourself having it would be better than nothing. Even if he didn't wanna train it he could still carry it on him for if his others got hurt.

  25. Also:
    In the Pokemon Origins special Blue said he looked for the best team that could counter every team, and as yourself said, Raticate is not even close to perfect team material. Just that debunks the theory significantly. And the center being closed and Blue having trouble getting to it dont make sense. Would make sense if he blacked out like you do.
    Great video as always 🙂

  26. talking about that wasn't responsible in pokemon sun and moon he puts pikachu up against a giant ground type horse that could just squish pikachu if it felt like it

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