Gamentio: Redefining 3D Social Games

are you addicted to high-quality
products available for free ? ……..sounds crazy? Welcome to one such crazy
app, “GAMENTIO” where you play chat and win exciting cash vouchers all for free!!! You can play on web or install the app. Sign up using your facebook or email ID.
Choose and customize your 3D avatar. Now, select the game. You’ll first be
automatically seated. If you wish, you can change your room to
play with different stakes or create your own ‘Private Room’.
Chat with other
players and make new friends! Get reward points on winning. Time for shopping!!!
Redeem your reward points against cash vvouchers you won. That’s not it!.. you get
free chips on joining, you also get them by referring your friends and by sharing
on Facebook. Flaunt your avatar’s new look everyday, chat in 3D, and best of all unlike in other casino platforms Win free cash vouchers. Zero monetary involvement makes it 100% legal. So relax and enjoy the ultimate 3D gaming
experience, exclusively on Gamentio

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