Gears of War 4 YouTube TEAMS vs Montage Standards Commentary Discussion + Sick Gameplay

yo what is going on with this man my name is Jesus to zoosk if you didn’t already know we apply some guardian foundation i was actually around late into it but i just got a couple things I want to talk about before and the work so why not pump it out Jesus strong shot will go for this initial takeover got no he’s gonna take it from me remember come on bro leader ok screw you then you have guys what I want to talk about is creating Gears of War for community standards as well as teams you to know that i feel like i got a lot of viewers that are needed a not necessarily the community but like the YouTube side of things oh no should I need to do that old oh wow that was crazy our whole my whole team is just running yes but yeah so basically what i want to talk about is standards as well as team supporting each other and how it works now I’ve noticed one thing is that every team and the girls were community it they don’t necessarily I’m not everyone but they don’t necessarily support each other and it’s not out of negativity but it’s not a priority I understand everyone has lives you know people only going to support the people they choose to support teachers when they get on the you know their phone or their computer you know they’re gonna go straight to their team one thing though it’s just like we’re all playing the same game and I think a priority should be to support majority of the people in the community and not just your team or people you know in your group etc simply because word travels fast and if we only keep it around if you only tell your teammates to support a video or to support your video that’s the only audience you’re reaching you know and like that’s one thing that I just want to start bringing to my channel is I want to talk about what I am now and standards and like I just think like it off as us as a community if all the team that we have and hopefully more begin to create looking at we all just came together and supporting each other and created videos and make content like we look like such a stronger community and I was not saying we don’t look like a strong community because right now we’re looking really good everything’s looking awesome but if all the youtube teams that people have been watching after work together and create content and have fun and spread love like it’s only going to get better you so it’s like I just want to pressure that that that’s the next growth that we need to push into the community was just you know all down each other are you serious always the real as well is the realest broke young I him twenty percent in one shot from all that bullshit you’re twenty percent in one shot so besides that I have no one in particular of course but I just I just want everyone in the community just start spreading more loving and supporting each other as you know as a unit as a community because we’re all playing the same game while trying to create clips and have people see them and the only way to do that and expand is by creating your content and spring lots of other people crazy game are you so on yeah there’s only one guy left but I know this is a really really short video i’ll probably come back in the next video but I just really want to pressure this guy’s because I think like I think there’s a war for is doing extremely well right now in the competitive scene as well as the YouTube scene and like we could really push it to even bigger audience if all the youtubers are just the people who create content and have fun work together to make something even better the next thing i want to talk about is standards gears or 4 montage standards because i know there’s got to be a lot of new people coming into the community that are kind of lost and confused on standards video we’re back Pat little back with that part too baby still got some things to discuss we’re going to put in some slain work don’t gotta have that good gameplay in the background you already know what it is not a one a shoot-first men aged element that yeah guys so on this most likely should be a two-part video in part 1i most likely talked about the community team support each other and I’m gonna be getting the standards and this one guys oh we’re taking control right now let’s be a hero dan I was gonna double school they’re gonna spawn right here yo that’s one thing that’s fucked up about this he stole my fucking kill i’m still in your kill ya see you still marking hostile yours but you know anyway guys so the next thing i want to get into the first thing was just obviously on us all supporting each other and I’m gonna get more into depth into detail on what I mean in the future because i want to just start doing topics that relate to the community not necessarily like a news drama channel know but I just want to talk about things so people could understand what’s going on behind the scenes of youtubers as well as just everything we do so on to get past that the next thing i want to talk about was standards like montage new standards slip standards all that first gotta rush this guy yeah damn dune got cross x marks good 19 second reason that’s why I don’t gives me time to talk so basically standards guys I’m gonna give you a love story long time ago I played halo 2 in 3 i played on the professional circuit i really want to do the four out dope low pro and everything but I’m as playing baseball at the time also so I decided to stop you know i were stopped on full-time player to you know continue playing baseball focus on my schoolwork just all that good stuff so basically on that know when I came into the gears of war for community I had a little competitive background to me but I played strictly for fun and I started making videos and everything I did was based on my knowledge i didn’t watch anybody’s videos on youtube I don’t know shit i watch anybody on youtube I literally didn’t even know moo milk or guess I didn’t know any of them even existed I picked up gears of war 3 when it first came out and I was just really excited because i remember playing games war one and two and i was like manly I should try making a YouTube you know what i mean so one day I went to bestbuy and they had a HD PVR 2 in the front window so I was like oh hell yeah I’m buying that nobody so I bought it so i started making videos i started in quads and queens and stuff I was I’ve already been playing the game for like months you know i was getting i was a pretty alley player so I started making videos and i started title in these videos random clips EP because they were right they were random stuff that I hit and it was like an episode of clips instead oh my God all those crazy so on yeah yeah so on basically I started putting all these quads and coins in my videos and stuff and I started getting all this good support and people be like oh my god like how do you get these clips you so sick and but then I started getting these other people who would be like all I was just kill myself would be like me that’s not a random clip yo that’s a montage clip and I was like man what are you talking about like yes so I’d be like what are you talking about in the bleep bro you can save that for montage and do like overall GPA and stuff and like you know then then i put a single with quads and they would be like 40 that doesn’t belong there like a single sniper shouldn’t be in quad but everything I did I did for fun because i love the game I fun doing it you know and it started to bug me lies because people were like you’re undermining your clips to look better or blah blah etcetera so let’s just get to the main point on that note I eventually started changing the name of my videos to like montages or two you know eps to you know clip videos just to get um to get less people being mad being like all this is either too good for random you’re too good for not being a montage dude i’m running and Mary you know I can’t believe I survived that so basically I just changed my ways I started to changing my channel i started putting in clips that like I just our overall pretty good in montages in teepees that would be called warren CP is just everything and I started getting a lot more exposure a lot more support a lot more love and basically the reason why I want to bring this up is because I’ve noticed oh my god what the what your games lag so hard bro the game just like so audio so basically i learned that over time that like people in this community tended to to hide themselves from the community because they go ahead and they save clips for a month or two clips that are so sick and then they ended up calling random clips you know and nobody searches up random clips so these players who deserve so much support and so much love end up never getting it because of the way they promote themselves with a it’s either like that or the opposite in which people put clips that don’t get me wrong i got love for everyone especially new players all i want to see you succeed but they’ll put clips that don’t necessarily hold got the desert to be in a montage nice got deserve to be in a montage and then they’ll call it a montage and they’ll get a bunch of use so basically what I just want to talk is about like of course this is just my opinion but the right way to do things I think this community could just have a lot more love and support if like we helped the people that were coming into the community instead of scaring them away with our standards honestly I think we tend to scare away a lot of newcomers into the community because we had trip squads and these quince in like these on-screen feeds and we do montages and it’s like I’ve been playing since gears war one guys you shouldn’t be able to just have fun games for and do what you know the montages are doing if you watch them but the main point is like you should be able to upload whatever the fuck you want we’re all playing gears we’re all playing the same game we all have love for you should be able to upload it whatever you want title it whatever you want don’t get me wrong clickbait is annoying all that stuff is annoying but in the end like we’re doing this for enjoyment not two not approve a name not to not to be egotistical not to say we’re better than anyone at least that’s my opinion so on that note i just i would like to see this community to take a change and you know just kind of learn from the standards like there is no book of standards guys we don’t have to abide to anything we can do whatever we want great content and have fun the more you put yourself in a box to hit only a certain style of clips to only go for certain things because that’s what montages have that’s when you lost that’s when you use your creativity that it that makes you who you are and everything and I really want these needs he’s been going like every time you know that guy that mark still like every time but yeah guys the main point is like I just want to build confidence for people who are new to the community and i want to show them that I I always you download y’all don’t gotta worry about anyone else like I’m here for support and broke i wasn’t going to kill you i was just going to down you but now I’m killing you and other again ah dammit hope I didn’t see that robot he came out of nowhere so on that note so now we got the first video in this second video it’s basically team supporting each other verse standards so now let’s add them together real quick and explain now we have all these teams who have different styles of gameplay National Player sniper players you know just a certain styles that they like to create and it goes back to the priority effect I said you’re only going to support the people that you want to support which partially make sense to you man you just got put to sleep grow up I’m trash do all that and i miss all my family barely moving but I’m i just want to show people that it shouldn’t matter like where we come from it shouldn’t matter if your sniper of your natural if you don’t like the clips they do we all have our own opinions some people like to clutch some people hate seeing clutches some people you know are really in doing this their favorite stuff some people only want to see sniper clips but that shouldn’t change the support that shouldn’t change the love for the game is the only way this game is going to progress in a positive light is if we make it progressed damn that bro got outplayed grow but on guys i just want to be the frontier to making this game progresses I’ll do everything in my power to be positive and outshine the negativity as well as promote upcoming people who want to create YouTube like that’s all about guys showing you guys love in expanding my love for the game as well as creating more for guys and I’m all for the new guys where is this guy oh that was a random a shot where is you but quick thing guys I really hope you will discuss this with me put your comments in the comment section really give me your opinions let me know what you would like to see me talk about because i want to start tackling controversy in the community as well as fixing it or at least trying to so let me know what you thought of what i said today if you agree with where I’m coming from and just generally everything I’m saying how we all enjoyed the video also guys if you’re a new youtuber and you’re trying to get a shout out a lot of you lately have been just asking me like hey can I get a shout out please please please just send me clips on Zeus reacts because I can individually shout-out people because it’s not fair to people ask me maybe i can start shouting out people from the comments at the end of my videos otherwise much-loved homies hope you enjoyed it

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