Golf Solitaire Card Game : Golf Solitaire: Playing Aces

Okay, one of the groups of cards that plays
different than all the others in the game of golf is the aces. Aces can be played high
or low and because of this, you have to stop at an ace. You get the benefit of being able
to play an ace off of a two, or an ace off of a king, therefore you have to have the
setback, if you will, of having to stop when you get to an ace, even if the ace comes off
of your down cards. If that happens, if this ace comes off of here, I have to stop. Further,
if I play up to here and I get to this ace, I have to stop. I’m done. I have to deal another
card off of here. A Jack comes off, ten, jack, queen, king, get down to that ace, I have
to stop. So just remember that. Otherwise you’ll get some unusually low scores every
time you play this game.

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