Goodgame Empire – Worst Ruby Purchases

Hello everyone, I’m Breor, and welcome back
to Goodgame Empire. I counted down last week through the eight
items that I considered to be the best ruby purchases, so I think it’s only fitting
that I address the worst eight this week. Keep in mind these items are only the worst
according to my opinion, and you having bought some (or all) of them doesn’t make you a
bad player. Without further ado, let’s jump right in. NUMBER EIGHT: The King’s Banner It was a given that the King’s Banner would
appear on this list. It can be purchased from the King’s Market
for nearly five thousand rubies and, practically speaking, it gives you nothing. What it does do is it increases the size of
your flag as it appears on the world map. Players who wish to appear stronger than they
actually are might be interested in this, but you should keep in mind that a larger
flag will make you the target of more PVP attacks. I personally prefer the look of the VIP banner
over that of the King’s Banner because, even though collecting VIP time is easy, the VIP
banner is still something that must be earned. Unfortunately, the King’s Banner is often
purchased by low-level players who should be saving rubies to upgrade their buildings. NUMBER SEVEN: Castle Relocations Another mistake often made by low-level players
is using the castle relocation button too early and too often. There are certainly sometimes good reasons
to relocate your castle, but you only get to do it once for free. It costs five thousand rubies to relocate
your castle a second time, twenty thousand rubies the third time, and even more rubies
after that. Eventually a cap price is reached. Rather than relocating your castle immediately
upon joining a new alliance, wait a few days to make sure you will want to play with that
alliance for a long time. Also, don’t just relocate to a spot next to
your friends; move to an area that has available superfood outposts. As someone who was once a deputy in a small
alliance, I know how annoying it was to hear how our new recruits had already used their
free relocations. NUMBER SIX: The Tax Collector You’ve probably heard about how high level
players should demolish their dwellings to make room for more public order. This is quite true, as you should be collecting
all of your coins from robber barons and other local lowlifes. If you are without dwellings, you will also
be without reason to keep bribing the tax collector. Bribing the tax collector used to be slightly
more worthwhile because it would stop him from stealing a portion of your coins if you
didn’t return to collect them on time. He no longer does this by default, so that’s
one less benefit you get from paying him more than a handful of rubies each week. Once you collect more than twenty thousand
coins from a single nomad or samurai camp, I think you’ll see why I included the tax
collector on this list. NUMBER FIVE: The Stronghold The stronghold is a building that can be used
to protect some of your troops in the event of an incoming attack. Though it can be built and upgraded once using
stone and wood, upgrades beyond that will require rubies. The troops you put into the stronghold will
not be able to fight if your castle is attacked, so putting defenders in there is not the way
to go. A nearly free way to protect your troops is
to use a safehouse, and if you don’t know what a safehouse is, you probably don’t need
to use one. You can still check the description of this
video if you’re curious. The stronghold is just too expensive for my
tastes, and even at its maximum level, it can only protect 500 troops. The level two stronghold, as built with wood
and stone, only provides space for 50 troops, so in my opinion this building is not even
worth the space it takes up in one’s castle. NUMBER FOUR: Extinguishing Fires Unless you’re the perfect player, at some
point you’re bound to lose on the defense in Goodgame Empire. It might happen while you are online, or you
might log in to find yourself facing a whole bunch of fires. Up until recently, I was in the server war,
so my outpost can serve as a great example. This informational panel lets me know that
fires will decrease my public order and the productivity of my buildings. This is true; I know that this outpost would
be producing nearly double the food it is now if not for the fires. However, you shouldn’t be repairing with rubies
when you can repair for free using the alliance help button or for wood and stone doing it
the traditional way. The only time I use the repair instantly button
is when there are only a few fires in my castle that I know I am too lazy to find. The cost of repairing with rubies caps out
at ten thousand, but don’t let that trick you into thinking you are getting a good deal
even if your castle is really ablaze. NUMBER THREE: The Hunting Lodge The hunting lodge is a building that allows
you to increase your food production while decreasing the production of stone and wood
in your castle. As with the stronghold, the first level of
the hunting lodge can be built with regular resources. Upgrading the hunting lodge is very expensive,
and it will not enable you to increase further the amount of food you are able to produce. Instead, it will reduce the impact of the
building upon the production of stone and wood. The game isn’t really forthcoming about this,
so hopefully this isn’t a lesson you had to learn the hard way. You also hopefully didn’t just hear the bad
news from me! While increased wood and stone production
could be a good thing for some players, I recommend all level 70s demolish their wood-
and stone-producing buildings. The reason for this is, again, that you should
be looting plenty of these resources from robber baron castles and the like. NUMBER TWO: Skipping Cooldowns Attacking NPCs like I just mentioned is a
great way to grow your account. However, the game sets a limit on how much
you can do this by introducing a cooldown period after each target is attacked. I just defeated this cultists’ tower in the
Fire Peaks, so I am prevented from attacking it for another three hours. If I wanted to work around this cooldown,
I could spend rubies. A lot of rubies. Skipping the five-hour cooldowns of maximum-level
samurai and nomad camps is even more expensive, and I would have shown it to you on video
had it not meant delaying this video’s release. Skipping these cultist’s cooldowns can cost
eight thousand rubies. Now that we players have access to accelerators,
skipping cooldowns can be done another way for practically no cost at all. Hmm, use one accelerator or spend seven dollars
worth of premium currency? Tough choice! Before I reveal my pick for the most needlessly
expensive item in the game, here are some “honorable” mentions. These purchases may or may not be more wasteful
than the things I have already included, but I didn’t find them quite as interesting. The equipment trader owns a tent where you
can purchase packages of equipment. All of these packs are based upon chance,
however, so there’s no guarantee you’ll get anything worth your rubies. Even the best legendary equipment in the game
is rendered obsolete by uniques obtained from events. It’s best to avoid the equipment trader in
general. The travelling merchant is similar to the
equipment trader, but he sells resources. The exchange rates seen here are awful, and
you should be able to collect all of the resources you need via looting or farming. There used to be a character called the barterer
who appeared rarely to exchange one type of resources for another, but he was removed
from the game. These exchange rates he offered were also
terrible, but at least we wouldn’t have to pay rubies if the barterer was still around. NUMBER ONE: Appearance Build Items If you’re a normal player, you may have wondered
at one point what counts as a secondary-slot build item. Appearance build items do, and while some
can be earned from events, others must be bought. If you’re interested in making your farmhouses
or granaries look like this, you’re going to have to spend a lot of rubies or dollars
in order to make that happen. According to this “special offer,” two clifftop
farmhouse build items cost 35 thousand rubies. Most insulting of all, I could buy all of
the things on this screen for the low, low price of 175k. Appearance build items are the rich man’s
version of the King’s Banner in that they are far more expensive, but still only change
the appearance of a few pixels. Oh, and they increase the public order in
your castle by a few measly points. That’s going to wrap up this video. Thank you very much for watching. In case you missed it, there was a card that
appeared earlier asking you what topic I should focus on next. It will appear again in the upper-righthand
corner now. Don’t forget to check out the video I made
about the best ruby purchases if you haven’t already. I’ve been Breor, and I’ll catch you… in
the next video.

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    Enjoy the video.

  2. nice video! My name is qwertyuiop on USA 1 if you want to check me out, Breor. Pls message me @ nicomoy2 (gmail) and tell me what I should do better. ( If you have time!)

  3. Dear Breor. I want to know if you have seen the Test Servers. Me and my friend aAlexe used to do gge vids so I'm wondering should I do Test Server gge vids. Just wanting to know if its worth doing an unpopular game like gge or following the trends. Thank for reading this.

  4. is glory memorial good buy? I have it and I get a little bit more glory… im asking this because your more experienced than me

  5. Breor, I've already relocated my castle once(but not to the edge of the map) but I want to relocate next to my alliance, however it will cost 5,000 rubies. Is it worth relocating if they are on the edge of the map, but they're are no available superfood outposts close to them, however, I could get 3 normal 6food outposts.

  6. I have to disagree with you on the stronghold Breor.
    First, the stronghold gives 60 PO after the first ruby upgrade and 110 PO after its maxed level, so it can replace half a park/castle garden no problem.
    Second, not everybody has an alliance safehouse to store their troops in, so a stronghold is useful for them.
    Lastly, if you use veteran swordsman, you can have the veteran swordsman and veteran bowman/longbowman defending outside the stronghold and veteran crossbowman/heavy crossbowman inside the stronghold so that way, although the stronghold's max capacity is 500, you can attack back with at least 500 ranged+mantlets, or 1000 troops if your veteran swordsman didn't die.

  7. If you relocate once for free then twice for 5k it will be 20k unless you wait a bit and then it goes back down to 5k ((at least for me on the int3 server))

    ((I'm not sure how long you have to wait but it definitely isn't 20k for me anymore))

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