Grant Has a Gambling Problem (Heist Night 4/5)

(theme music) – Remember, everyone needs to
execute their job perfectly or the plan won’t work. (slot machine beeping) Rick is on her way. It’s showtime people. – Got the marbles, ready to spin them. – I’m partying hard at the bar. – You fools better remember to tip. (glasses clink) – I’m ready to reduce, reuse, and recycle. – You know what they
say, “the house always..” – [roulette Dealer] Red 13. – Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! – Grant, are you okay? – I’m more than okay. Listen, two-four is where they get you.
You gotta play five-ten. – Are you gambling? – How else am I supposed to get close? – (sighs) – This fucking nobody keeps messing it up, doesn’t he? You’re a fucking
nobody. (laughs) I’m kidding. (sighs) you fucking nobody.
(laughs) No, I’m kidding. – Hey guys. How are you
enjoying the casino? – Oh, hey. – Oh, my gosh. – Just the table minimum though, right? – [Grant] of course, of course. Listen, I want small chips. Small. – Changing $500. – Atta boy. – $500? Grant, you’re
supposed to be near the table, not actively playing at it.
You’ll be up in moments. – Sure, sure, sure. I
just, I gotta get up first. Um, see, I’m an actor and as an actor, the disguise I prefer is the
one that’s most convincing. – Red 21. – Mother fucking cocksucker.
You’re a cocksucker. (women laughing) – Wow, are you a stand up comedian? – No.
– I think you should be. That’s what you should
be doing after this. – Rick is tagged, Grant,
and she’s heading your way. – [Grant] Oh, shit. Okay.
Uh, I’m not there right now. – Grant, you’re blowing this
whole thing. Where are you? – [Grant] I’m at the ATM.
Which has a $300 limit. Fuck my ass. I have to find another ATM. – Grant, you missed her.
She might swoop back though. – Grant! Get back to your position. And also, I think you have a problem, man. – I know I have a problem. My problem is I can’t get a fucking drink in here. – Snake eyes. – Goddamn it! Goddamn it! Who threw that? – Wait, I thought you
were playing roulette? – No, they changed the whole
goddamn table over to craps. Fucking charity casino is dirty as hell. Fuck it. I’m going dark side.
Give me don’t pass right now. And I wouldn’t have to do it if it weren’t for you fucking nobodies.
I’m not psyched about it. I gotta play where the
money is. The Money. – Grant, this is our only
chance. Every second counts here. – [Woman] what are you doing? – Hello, bartender. Spot me some cash. – Grant, you are ruining
this entire operation. – C’mon, both of you, give me
$300, I’ll go back to my spot. – No. (Grant chuckles) (gulping) – Too much milk. (burps) – Oh, no, no, no, no. Rick is
approaching the table, people. We need to make the switch now. (suspenseful music)
(giggles) – Hey, you fuck, I’m back! – Uh, sir, maybe you should stop. – Maybe you should know your place. – Oh, this is a shit
show. Raff, get in there. – Know your place when
you’re fucking talking to me. – Oh, Grant. Oh, it’s
been such a long time. Remember me? Your music teacher. – Fuck you, Raphael, you’re not old. – You tosser. – You want some of this? – [Raphael] Goddamn it. – You want to take more of my chips? – [Dealer] No, no, please don’t. Ow! Ow! – Hey, Grant?
– What? – I think you need to go home. – Fuck you! Fuck you, big boss lady! Your casino is fucking rigged. – Let’s just blow up the elevator. (Grant screaming) Hey! Let’s just blow up… – It’s fucking rigged.
– The elevator. – [Boss Lady] Okay,
mmm-hmm. It’s for charity. – It’s rigged. It’s rigged.
– Hey! – I’ll kill you.
– No you won’t. Get out of here. (music stops) – Okay, nobody tell Grant that even though he fucked up basically
everything, the plan still worked. – Somebody help me out of this trash can. – Oh, Zach! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry. – I forgot that you were in here. – (woman) One, two, three. (screaming) – Hi, it’s Zach from College Humor. Thanks for watching. You
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