GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Bikers DLC

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  1. I know that if I am a vip or a ceo I will produce product, however pls confirm that!

    My question is that if i am not even a vip or a ceo or a mc president, will I still produce products?

    I don’t think so but still want to know the actual answer.

  2. If i stay Afk in the club house while doing other things, won’t I get kicked for idle too long? If so what can I do against it? Any bots or programs?

  3. Biker Vehicles:

    BF Raptor
    Shitzu Hakuchou Drag
    Pegassi Esskey
    Declasse Tornado Rat Rod
    Pegassi Vortex
    Western Daemon
    Shitzu Defiler
    Nagaski Chimera
    Western Zonbir Chopper
    Pegassi Faggio Mod
    Pegassi Faggio Sport
    LCC Avarus
    Western Nightblade
    Western Zombie Bobber
    Western Wolfsbane
    Nagaski Street Blazer
    Majibatsu Manchez
    Western Rat Bike
    Western Bagger

  4. You spend hours collecting your stock to sell, you go sell em, and the first thing is someone in a jet explodes you and you lose everything

  5. You should be able to choose ground, including water source/delivery or air source/delivery. It would still be random,
    but with ground, there'd be No Flying Missions.

  6. You should be able to choose ground, including water source/delivery or air source/delivery. It would still be random,
    but with ground, there'd be No Flying Missions.

  7. I like some of the info in the video, man, but from my experience, I have to disagree with you on a few things. Solo players and non-solo players alike should strive to sell their stock at full capacity. I have two factories, counterfeit, and a weed farm; and I used to sell at slightly more than 1 bar each time, which would net me about 120k without purchasing product.. But then I started waiting for the stock to get full, and I started picking up over 500k from both businesses solo! That's a HUGE difference! The game usually gives me 3 vehicles to sell in, although I recommend closing the game if it gives you the trash or mailman missions.. I have yet to receive the boat delivery while selling full stock, but that may just be me. 3 planes/heli's in 30 minutes is possible, trust me. Sometimes it'll give you the motorcycle mission, but even that isn't too bad, even if it gives you 4 bikes to do it on. So, find a solo public session and start selling; you'll make the profit back in no time.

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  9. Almoast 2 years and im watching this again. + the rotten canayon bunker could be added in this list these days cus is close to the sandy shores clubhouse and the businesses

  10. The biker business confuses me. I bought a coke factory and the upgrades then spent $75000 on product sold it in the City and only got $52000 for it. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

  11. Seems like the best bet is to save up like 3 mill and buy everything for cocaine at once. As a solo player who doesn't play this game much what option should I go with for secondary income? So far it seems like I should go for cocaine for the passive work which will allow me to do some CEO missions while waiting.

  12. +respect for wearing a biker outfit (even if the patch is not like a real mc patch). i hardly see mc's that treat this dlc as it should be treated, but hey, it's gta online, not roleplay

  13. With the premium online edition you can buy a clubhouse near the grand senora desert and a counterfeit cash place for FREE! Of course upgrades still cost money and all that but the free business/clubhouse is a godsend lol

  14. I’ve had the 3 best businesses for a while now and I want to upgrade from the desert area to the city but idk if it’s worth it? Also, what happens with sell mission? Do you get more from selling to the city or is it switched? Advice would be greatly appreciated. 👍

  15. Rockstar really dedicated a lot of effort trying to convince you that buying the games princes worth of monopoly money is the way to go.

  16. Expectations – ima be the pabo escobar of gta hell yeah

    Reality – 400 killos of cocaine cost 250k

  17. Assuming u are full of supplies, if u make money through a coke, meth, or weed etc business will your friend also get that money if he is playing with u

  18. there someone mature enough who is mostly solo player but in necessity of things willing to team up? help each other with this biker business?
    I just started this thing..
    I'm older guy, solo player playing on PS4 in European time zone.

  19. I have a question, should I use my money to buy an upgrade or should I save it to buy a new business and then do the upgrade?
    Plss someone answer my question I would really appreciated

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  21. Buy the cheapest meth coke and cash buy the upgrades exept security buy supplies after they finish buy new supplies then sell to los santos do that over and over again

  22. Wait so your telling me those 6 to 10 hours of waiting is hours while playing the game?!! It don’t count the time that passed by while off the game?!!

  23. Man I wish I had friends to do this with :/ I let my cocaine facility get full so now I can’t even sell it

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