GTA Online Guide – How to Make Money with Import / Export DLC

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  1. There is much more simple way to only get top range cars all you have to do is have 10 standard cars and 10 mid range cars then the game will only give you top range

  2. All due respect GTA Series make sure you know exactly everthing about before you tell people cuz ive seen a bunch of misinformation in this video not real happy with it

  3. I have players work for me and I pay them 50,000 every 6 minutes I've done this for 1 year I have 108,124,356$ I've made players like 5 to 6,550,000$ in 4 days these kinds of videos make me cry from laughter . I've moved almost none of my crates myself and I have 555 of them to do 😂 I've given away a total of 21,345,721$ to players total that's fine 4 or 5 million per player lol (i can officially pay up to 1,000,000$ in less than a day now because of my terrorbyte lol Xbox gamertag hmu)

  4. My actually problem is i help my friend and see 0$ of the money so it takes ages for me to buy a bussines i need 500k more 😢

  5. GTASeriesVideos stole Vehicle Cargo from GTASeriesVideos & secured it in their Vehicle Warehouse.

    Good job, guys. Teamwork makes the dream work.

  6. I am only level 17 in game can somebody help me out with some serious cash so I can buy an office and warehouses. My psn: rohanthebeast120

  7. thanks mate, btw is there any truck which you can use to transport cars safely (for ex you cant use cargobob for cabrioletes, and npc or evil players can damage it very badly)

  8. Ya know, I really liked watching tbis video because I've finally been abke to buy myself an executive office and I'm finally starting out with work for it. I just need to raise my amount of money before I can do even more stuff.

  9. Got some actual advice that I tried and became good at the game

    Source a vehicle and sell
    Only source a vehicle
    Now sell the vehicle you previously sourced
    And repeat

  10. you don't sell 3 in an hour solo, the cooldown begins when the sell ends, and selling four at a time doubles the number of cars sold over time. let's say you want to make $1,280,000. that is 16 top range vehicles. if you sell them solo, that is 364 minutes (6 hours) of grinding. 300 minutes total in cooldowns, 15 cooldowns in total, and 64 minutes in 4 minute sale drive times 16 of them in total.

    if you sell in 4's, then it is only four sell runs, meaning only 3 cooldowns apply. since they are 50 minutes long, you have 150 minutes total in cooldowns, and 16 minutes in drive times (4 in total), giving you 166 minutes, or 2.8 hours of grinding cars.

    keep in mind this only is speaking of cars, not vip missions, or other money additives to the subject.

  11. I bought it but really dont its a big waste of money and you will not make that money back 🤑☹☹

  12. A gadjet that can help alot is the up n atomizer because if your car flips it will be easy to flip it back

  13. Hey to whoever is having a hard time with the Import Export DLC I found out this really cool and effective tactic for filling up your warehouse. So what you basically want to do is keep getting cars and filling up your warehouse until it's full. Now you have tons of cars from all 3 ranges. Sell all of your top range cars. Next, when you run out of top range cars to sell, just simply go back to your office and source another car. The game knows that your warehouse is full of the other 2 types of ranges of cars and from that moment on keep sourcing top range cars for you. That way, the only type of cars you'll be selling is top range, making you more money. You don't have to go and blow the cars up like how it was said in the video. It will just take up more time and won't let you get as much done.

  14. For xbox if you don’t want twats go to settings>network>test NAT type and all the players will have left the session and you won’t get killed during source/selling vehicles

  15. Another tip you can use your friends to help you to steal vehicles and use a cargo bob to bring it to the warehouse for a faster way

  16. 1: fill coke business
    2: source car then sell car
    3: sightseer
    4: the los santos connection
    5: source car then sell car
    6: sightseer
    7: the los santos connection
    8: source car then sell car
    Repeat until the coke business's product is at two bars then sell in a population lobby

  17. This was done so well that I watched all of it even though I have already earned almost 20 million dollars from the dlc. Keep up the great work!

  18. Tip number 1 get a CargoBob next to export it get the hook on the car you are exporting then fly it to the destination

  19. Bro that song that is played when he is in that mission showroom when he delivered that red truck at 2:44 was cool before or after I’m not sure when but what is the name of that song

  20. Yeah AND if that dynasty 8 Is saing that it Is not available wath do i do imeen i havend done lamars missions

  21. Legit the AI Buzzards are so fucking op, they have aim so good they make the navy look like small fry

  22. Guys for Xbox users all you need to go is get in a session and then go to your settings and test your Nat type. After it’s done once you go back it’ll show that everyone left your lobby 🙂

  23. Hey random person scrolling down through the comments, I hope u have a successful life and achieve ur dreams 👍🏻💰

    I’m also a small YouTuber who enjoys helping out people and have fun feel free to achieve my dreams to get 200 subs, thx 👍🏻

  24. Source 10 Standard and 10 Mid range cars and you will almost only source Top range! Don't sell Standard or Mid range cars!

  25. The best way to do it is fill up in standard and mid and you’ll only get top and in the middle of the cool down do vip missions which will pay for your specialist modifications and make you a little bit of profit at the same time so it’ll all me profit and no loss

  26. *Sell Car*

    *VIP Mission*

    *Source Car*

    *VIP Mission*

    *Sell Car*

    Rinse and repeat = 1 mil in less than an hour.

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  28. Who want to play with me?
    I already have the warehouse
    I play on Pc
    Respond and i will say my name

  29. So I started gta again after a year and a half in a new account because my old account I was too broke and wanted to start again. I just get into public solo sessions automatically once in a while I don't know why? But yeah it ain't my net or anything else I just get into them sometimes I don't but doesn't matter.

  30. Gta online was broken when the oppressor MK11 was released… Never do business in public lobby or a 10 y/o kid will come flying with a oppressor and… You know what happens next…

  31. 1 thing which i have noticed: i bought a vehicle warehouse today.

    I sourced the first car. It was a standard car.

    Second car was a top range.

    Third car was also a top range!

    Then I sold one of the top range.

    I again sorced a car and it was also a top range car!

    I tried it thrice and I always got a top range car!!

    I guess it is a easier version of 32 car trick

  32. I recommend doing a VIP/CEO job before doing this (ex. Headhunter or sightseer) to get back the 20k that you lost from the specialist dealer. It’s better to do this if you can do these missions fast and efficiently. I use the Oppressor mk ll and I usually do these in about 3-5 minutes on average.

  33. unlike the other tips here I don’t suggest selling in a solo session, you should do it in a session with at least another ceo, im not actually sure about this but when I start it in a session with one other ceo or more, there are no hostiles to damage the vehicle, saving time and money.

  34. The NPCs arent an endless wawe lol, for top range cars, there is only 4 wawes usually, or something around that, just kill them until no more spawns, I did it this way before I had my cargobob.(same with helicopters)

  35. When you deliver and NPCs spawns get out of your car and run away from it. Then kill the NPCs. There will be 4 waves of two cars.

  36. Francine Anderson I don’t need glitches to work for my shit . I play too much? not really I use to play maybe 3 or four times a week plus That’s why it’s a game you play it so that was a retarded comment I’m rich as hell all I do now is smoke weed in real life and play black jack in my new casino 🎰

  37. It's not stealing a car from another CEO Group! It's just taking it from them because you were so nice that you take care of their crime!

  38. If your in a private online and your delivering a car there will be 2 blue sultan rs ais and it’s so annoying they chase and shoot your car

  39. For the ppl that dont know if you only eant top range cars then you need to get around 20 to 30 vehicles in your warehouse then you will only get top range cars.

  40. Easy cars

    1 go to the cheapest warehouse that everyone has

    2 call the securo serv limo and block the entrence

    3 kill the guy and steal the car

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