GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

Time to crack that diamond, baby. That casino… Would clear any one of us out. Today, their luck is gonna run out. We have planned… We have prepped… And we are ready to go. Afterparty… My penthouse… Who’s coming?

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94 thoughts on “GTA Online: The Diamond Casino Heist

  1. Rockstar games fix gta5 online i have a problem it said the rockstar game service sre unavailable right now 0lease return to gta5 v

  2. Rickstar im having a hard time on gta online my epic games name is yncabjay900 i play on xbox 1 can you give me 4 billion

  3. Братцы у меня уроки про гта 5 на странице заходите и подпишитесь вот вам ссылка на мой канал

  4. ROCKSTAR* please do me a favor and put Jorge Masvidal in GTA VI. I'm a long time fan and supporter of your games and would love to be running around doing some crazy a$$ sh$t in the next GTA game with the BMF. Thank you! Love all the great games through the years. Keep em' coming!

  5. Dio cane porco dio sto gioco de merda guarda ho vinto il veicolo del premio e mi ha dato le fish che gioco del porco dio cane merda

  6. New pack idea 💡: gta 5 online Robo war ( A bunch of robots that look like Mayweather, The police, the military, gang members, and other defenders and attackers

  7. First Of All The Casino Doenst Work On Portugal 2 Im Not Buying A PentHouse Till The Casino Is Fixed On Our Region 3 Thats Unfair Beacouse We Cant Win Money And Cars From The Casino

  8. Nice with the official release of GTA VI. Loved it. Nice graphics. Is there both San Andreas and vice city map? All the best😘👍👍

  9. Come on now. GTA has the best trailers in the game (no pun intended). I’ll give 300 dollars pay pal if someone links me with a better trailer for a game.

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