Gutsy BLUFF In The $100,000 High Roller Tournament!

what’s up guys Doug pokeo and we’re back another episode of poker hands and the day over Kirby is taking a look at another heads-up hand from this year’s on D millions but this time we’re going to be looking at the 100k to the main event Rick’s are going to hand between Nick Petrus jello and Mike Watson but quickly Before we jump into that I want to let you know about a $2,500 giveaway I’m doing on Twitter all you have to do is head over to Twitter follow me and retweet this tweet for a chance to win I’m giving away 10% out of my $25,000 buying tomorrow at the Aria and your court can follow along and Instagram stories for how I’m doing with that out of the way let’s steal some cards minds are six and twelve thousand no anti heads up fun bits 32 pretty reasonable hands here Mike goes ahead and raise its button and Nixon expending lines with this decade off see our hand begins about fifty blind Steve and Michael Watson decides to open up ace for all from the button certainly the correct play at this point nicking the big blind has Jack eight off and probably should flat which he does and we take a flop okay check top pair here for Pietrangelo gut shot to the three-ball from Mike Watson lunch the flop comes eight five deuce giving nick top pair and mike ace high with a wheel draw Nick checks over to Mike at this point mike has a decision to make whether you should go ahead bet or check back and look to play some later streets now in general I lean towards check when you check this hand back you can play across some turns and rivers and additionally you bet you put yourself in an awkward situation against raise and if they do your side to call their range will have a lot of pairs that have you beat so Mike debates and check it back and I like everyone’s decision so far I will say one thing real quick here and this is one of the reasons why being in position is a lot better than being out of position nick has top pair here but is unable to get any value on the flop because he has to check all of his hands over to Mike and so this is why in position generally speaking hands tend to do better all right let’s go ahead and take a turn Mike turns a double gut shot now a six or a three would both make an adjustor 85 a trans low though it goes head and fires it out here and the ace would also make Mike Watson the best hand one boat 45 the turn comes to seven creating two flush draws and at this point Nick needs to bet his hand when you have Jack eight here you don’t want to risk a lot of cards coming up on the river because it’s a bunch of cards that make one to a straight where your hands value goes down tremendously I’d like to see him bet something around 45,000 here or around 3/4 pot which he likes to do and everything looks great now over to Mike Watson he has a double gut shot he can make it straight in either a three or six so would a sigh his opponent might have a draw and the ability to improve on the river he has a very clear call I’m not a big fan of working in raises here because I think it’s unlikely Mike is going to play many straight draws like this so you should call his hand on the turn and look to place and rivers translum proves here to pair Mike Watson with just ace high back to our diamonds to get there as well one bit 150 150 on the river the river comes with Jack completing the back door flush draw and giving Nick top two now here in the big blind he has a couple of options he can bet again and try and get value from his opponent or you can checking over a check raise in general Eileen’s worth betting because you have a hand like top to ear you want to try and get some value from your opponent and additionally it’s not too likely Mike has a hand with a jack in it because a lot of those hands might have bet somewhere earlier really the flop so in general in this situation I think betting to try and get called and then mixing in some Bluff is the right play which take decides to do now over to Mike and you had a tough decision here with ace high everything I’ve gotten in and this is one of his worst hand so maybe it’s really not so tough you can lay this down pretty easily right he’s not just instantly folding but I mean Hart Smith besides that the legs 10 seconds 6 6 4 gets there it’s not just instantly letting this one go Audrey all in what Wow all in there’s always Mike Watson has lose all in here on the river and Pietrangelo if he calls this tournament is over okay so I respect what you’re trying to go for your mic and basically you’re saying that if your opponent is trying to value that thin with a good seven eight or maybe even a jack by jamming here you put them in a tough spot and really you should absolutely be jamming here with some hands 50 vines deep even two pair makes sense to jam so you can definitely Bluff here with a variety of holdings but here’s where I don’t like what Mike decides to do the backdoor flush has gotten in so you should absolutely look to blood for the hand with a diamond in it in fact having a four in your hand is quite bad here you want your opponent to have a hand like maybe Queen four or King 410 for these are hands that maybe could be bluffing because they had equity and now we’re going to bluff the river because a lot of hands dot there so having a s4 here with no diamond is probably one of the worst hands you’ve won a bluff with he should instead looked at Bluffs with a hand like maybe a snide with a nine of diamonds or the ace of diamonds a hand that’s more relevant in trying to block at your pawns Holdings but at the end of the day it comes down to wilden’s work and I’ve got to say when you’re running in the top two here it’s pretty unlikely it’s going to get through the transload could end this match right now flop one check check Nick bet Oh even have Nick home that’s it it’s over Nick betrayed you love wins the head huh Matt that is data a courageous plus my Mike watched it but Nick makes a great call on the river it looks like both the main event and 100k ended with people running it but this time the call wasn’t quite so sick as always thank you for joining me over poker hands and make sure to hit that subscribe button you

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