GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 01.11.2019

Hey everyone, Paweł Burza here, I’m the Community Manager for GWENT: The Witcher Card Game and this is TWIG, or This Week in GWENT — a weekly show in which we talk everything GWENT! Update 4.1 launched this week on PC, PS4 and XBOX One! Full list of changes can be found in the news section on! Season of Mahakam is here with a brand new seasonal mode! This time, each played card will gain resilience! The season will last until Tuesday, December 10th, 10am CET! The BIG day has come! This week GWENT launched on iOS! To celebrate, all gamers who log in to this version of the game before November 5th, 11:59 AM CET can claim a free Welcome Pack from the in-game store. Opening the pack will yield an Ultimate Premium Keg with 5 animated cards from across GWENT’s entire card pool, as well as a Mirror Shard granting entry to the Arena Mode. New to GWENT? Then be sure to check out the 1st episode of GWENT Guide presented by Jason Slama! In the first video we walk you through the most important concepts and winning strategies of the game. Additionally, be sure to check out Team Leviathan Gaming’s GWENT Training Ground! Learn all the basics and become a GWENT Master! We’ll link the guides in the description below this video! That’s it for this weeks TWiG, see you again next week!

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44 thoughts on “GWENT: The Witcher Card Game | This Week in GWENT 01.11.2019

  1. 확실히 모바일 나오고 신규 유저좀 늘었던데
    이제 고정만 되면 될텐데… 흥해라 궨트

  2. Queuing time is definitely better now. I played 5hrs last night never waited more than ten seconds. I'm LVL seven btw not sure what it's like it higher levels.

  3. When can we get all that sweet new gwent merch? That NG shirt, the syndicate shirt, the geralt and ciri gwent shirt? CDPR please

  4. Music now is really boring. We want to hear enjoyable music from beta while playing gwent. CDPR please add old music to this game.

  5. I always matched against lvl 40 player witj crazy deck in season mahakam amd classic,.. wtf im only lvl 11.. how the hell im gonna hope to get more rewards.. plus it takes time to learn the cards and faction.. beginner in gwent seems not very welcomed?

  6. Gwent is the most awesome card game ever but I'm likely biased because I took to it like a fish to water. If you understand the key concept of card advantage everything else just falls into place. Now, if I can only figure out how one could turn this into a paper card game so that Gwent can become a world wide phenomena like MTG. It probably can't be done due to the need to track boosts and damage to units and overall scores but maybe someone clever can figure it out? I was thinking boost and damage counters that could be placed on the cards but that's all I got. Anyway, all this is just to say, I love Gwent! ❤

  7. Hello to everyone at CDPR. Just to let in my weekly reminder that we can still go back to the old good magic of Gwent. There's still time. Love. ❤️😘

  8. 0:15 first time here and excited to get into gwent thanks to the iOS release but WOW I had to lower the playback speed to x0.5 because of how fast he was talking.

  9. Paweł za szybko mówisz, ciężko Cie zrozumieć momentami, zwolnij trochę. Chill and relax. Gratulacje z okazji premiery na iOS. czekam na wersje na Androida.

  10. so… this is the potion he drank that gives him the power to talk like this ?
    cool for the ios version! hope you'll get more players into the game, it worth it

  11. I don’t know if Gwent ppl read this. But the game needs more weather spawn type cards again. Avallac’H has been some much fun playing this last month or so. Bring them back. Peace

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