“Has Been” (Doug Polk Diss) [Official Rap] ~Im_Dante ~Australian Donkey ~ Donki

I was thinking to myself Yo where Doug Polk Been, Then I realised he’s not uploading because there’s no fucking drama Selbst my man how the fuck’s it going dude, betcha wonderin Why I’m comin at you? You used to be a favourite up on YouTube Now your channel lookin like a 7 2 Come at you now not because I don’t like you Honestly truthfully love and idealise you just wanna blow up big on YouTube make myself just fucking like you but this song ain’t bout praise no attack, go and get an ice pack coz I’m gonna fucking smack, gonna spit gonna roast gonna fucking clap back, at the T-Rider that’s never gotten hit back Spitcha game at Dnegs, Throw the shade at Relli, do a deal with Nando and make off with the money. Money off the drama Made the fucking honey, Kind of poker YouTube with no one in the running (money) Here I’m gonna change that, gonna give you that smack With a rack and a bat and you’ll hear a fucking crack. No assault officer heart attack, on your body I don’t even need to sprinkle fucking crack. Other fights were weak man nothing to say, never fought real game until today Granu ran out of protein and fell on the hay, Relli tried spit back but had nothing to say Nando had a real crack till you hit him with the facts then he rolled On his back like the bitch in the pack. King hack go back on the big mound, wearing that king crown, waving ding round fans sucking deep down Like a god felt deep down, but it’s all fake for the first in your life little bitch You’ll be made, how you gonna respond to real fuckin shade Mr Polks fadin glory looking ending today. Spit a bitch I know a fuckin feeling finna how this gonna go I’ll take him to the carnival and throw him off a fuckin boat, we’ll celebrate the fall of Polk N feelin like a festival we’re never hoping ending tho Donkey’s gettin harder tho, a lil Polk will never know a person who can trust no more A Donkey never cross no more, a donkey finna break the door and drag him cross the fuckin floor I’ll fuck him till he asks for more, I’ll make this game my fuckin whore Hook a right then a left, Polky you’re a fuckin mess, Pokerstars go open chests Polker hands is even less, a vid a week a vid a month your channel it is fucking done, you spend your day just stuffin some food your life is fucking done Gettin no real work done, arteries are are burstin Heart is fuckin hurtin, skills all crashed and burned end Quit the game to eat all day, realised you weren’t beating they, went to save some face today can’t play against the greats, couple years behind the game, go sell your knowledge mate Street vendor sellin ancient fossils for a fuckin K Gamble my friend are you even a man I’m a fuckin donkey I’ll do a fuckin handstand Just to flex on this has been, I don’t give a fuck I’m keen Heads up for rolls please my hundred to your subs mean (cash) Lookin in the mirror and what do you see?Lean mean crusher fighter poker money machine I see a has been, washed up retiree Old man all afraid of the game and losing Why the fuck didn’t I make this vid a year ago Back when you were actually postin fuckin video’s Jumpin right into the crypto wagon, lost all your money came crawling back in Makin 10k and retiring hey Hope your girlfriend don’t mind waiting welfare pay, coz Dougy P’s afraid that the poker of today’s moved past him, he’ll be remembered as a great remembered as a great but the skills will fade, no more money to be made back to warcraft mate, no more room in the game for a player that’s been made and a player from fuckin yesterday

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16 thoughts on ““Has Been” (Doug Polk Diss) [Official Rap] ~Im_Dante ~Australian Donkey ~ Donki

  1. worked on this song instead of streaming smh my head next time u should try n stream while trying to write would prob be fun

  2. Just want to be clear: This song was made in good faith, I really enjoy Dougs content and want him back into regular video making 🙂

  3. really hard to hear most of it, which is mildly disappointed because you sound like you have decent flow in the bits i was able to pick up. i think part of it is you are rapping in an almost whisper and the other part is maybe the volume is a bit off? Maybe turn the beat down or your voice up.

  4. I thought it was great, the warcraft reference, changing into the muscle shirt, I could tell it was a roast . I just started following Doug a few months ago and now he is gone. Too soon. Too soon. lol.

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