[Hatsune Miku Solid] Blackjack [Vocaloid cover]

I’ll stop after this, “one more time” So sick of it, I’ll cast it aside, “one more time” But I’ll just try this, “one more time” Why, I’m just the woman who wants to seduce you This moonlit night is ripped to shreds by red-noise Scream, echo, “one more time” Hey, bring out those cold lips of yours Maybe some of your lies will escape Suddenly, your feelings are held aloft Superiorly, you worried about an intervention Rapturously, you illuminated your affection Compromise it all alone Limitedly, you realized your contradiction Blindly, you loved my compensation Destroy everything And we’ll go mad Right now, like a chained dog, thrust the knife forward Before you glare at reality, “one more time” Ah, you only spit up your twenty-one emotions This is just a crawling-along song Calmly, I noticed your despair Inevitably, you detected my lust Orderly, I’ll tidy up the exhaustion All alone again today Eloquently, you’ll become accustomed to obedience Insolently, you cannot fight against flattery Lose everything Right now, like a chased-after ideal, cut with your cutlery Before you competitively become depressed “One more time” Ah, you only pushed on and crushed your twenty-two realities This song is only for those defeated

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19 thoughts on “[Hatsune Miku Solid] Blackjack [Vocaloid cover]

  1. omg la voix sonne pas du tout comme un fancover c'est super propre ! ^ pendant le refrain ça devient un peu haché mais c'est du pinaillage xD

  2. Miku Solid sounds really badass. It's actually my favorite of all the Miku Appends. XD And I actually prefer this cover to the original because she sounds clearer than Luka (and more badass). Well done on the cover!

  3. Miku sounds really good, only, I like Luka's version better. I'm sorry for all them haters out there, and I hate to put a hate comment, which I'm trying hard not to do, but I just prefer Luka out of Miku.

  4. Woah, this append fits this song a lot. Great cover! Still rather the Luka version but anyway nice experience 🤗

  5. How about doing a Miku Solid Append version of Brain Revolution Girl. Her original version hasn't done well.

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