Hello Neighbor: Act 1 Full Gameplay – How to Get Red Key ?? Complete Walkthrough + Secrets

Hey what’s up everybody this is Aamir Hussain and you are watching GtxHdGamer and today I’ll be show you how to complete
the hello neighbor act 1 so quickly all you need to do come to the back of the
house first we need these boxes from behind the house and now we grab some
boxes and now come over here and start jumping one by one and make sure your
foot is in the center now aim here and put a box there like this and now aim
another box and now aim another box right here now press space try to jump
over it and we have to climb this rooftop so we are on the rooftop and now
we have to make a jump like this here we are now here is the secret do
break this window and now here you have to pull this liver do something more now remove the photo frame from here and try to jump in you have to enter this area like this now take the yellow key open it there is the
red key but the door is locked here is a shutter and here is the car
key get the car from here you can leave following me now we got the car key we
have to open this the car is unlocked now we got a magnet it’s an
electromagnet the neighbor is on the roof forget him now take some boxes from
here the keys are useless now we have to get some boxes now put the boxes like
this here we’re done now
oh I think I need one more box over here speaker maybe I will need some more think it’s enough but okay now use the
magnet here here we got something it’s actually unlocker a key unlocker so we
have to enter the neighbour house and we have to unlock this lock now open this
and there we have Rindge now get the ring and exit the house now come back to
the house this wrench will open this now we are on the top of the house now that
is the red key over there we have to get this Wow we got the red key and remove
this chair so we know the red is in the neighbor so
we got the red key and now we are going that’s it the act one is completed
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