Heretic Gods Episode 3: Gambling System

Good day everybody! Shanochi here! Welcome to the third episode Heretic Gods! Today episode We will be taking a look at the gambling system Now first and foremost the gambling system allow player to exchange a gold currency for a rare item These items are totally randomized so some of the stats can be either good or bad. So let’s go ahead and find a gambling merchant in town This NPC is located right next to your bonfire and his name is Eigor the Hunchback Eigor offers a variety of item that is only available for that game session So if you’re looking for a certain types of items that you need for your character You might want to really reset the game multiple time There are two main attributes that you might want to invest into for gambling The first one is lower price attribute which lower the price of the items For example, let’s say I want to buy the glove here and it cost me roughly 106K But if I took down the item with the lower price attribute, the price of the item will increased You can see here at the price the glove increased up to 120K The second one is magic fine This attribute increases chance to find better items when gambling but it also increases chance to find items when you’re in the dungeons as well So let’s go ahead and buy the glove here Now we have all the item that we need it. Let’s go ahead and go over to Heidrun so we can do some crafting Heidrun’s crafting is essential for gambling Because it allows player to reroll the items. You get actually a manipulated system to get a certain item for your characters For example, let’s go ahead and put a few item in here I As you noticed my potion have an upper hand against my gloves Which guarantee that I’m going to get a potion and result from Heidrun’s crafting. Additionally there is a catch to the system. You can actually earn a small margin amount golds when you successfully craft an item Which is not bad when you’re gambling and rerolling items through Heidrun’s crafting. So let go ahead and check out my golds I have roughly two million golds right here with a little bit extra pocket change. Roughly around 26K Okay, and I’m going to get a 13 K. So I’m gonna head and craft it as you can see my golds went up, and again, additional golds from the crafting. The item pretty much just randomize for the stats Alright fellas, that is all for this video. Thank you very much for watching. I hope you all find this video helpful Regarding about gambling system. This is Shanochi and I will see all next time. Later!

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3 thoughts on “Heretic Gods Episode 3: Gambling System

  1. I don't know why you call it gambling when all you're doing is buying stuff. And when you take it to the goat you're sacrificing really good and epic items and 90% of the time you get garbage back. All of my best drops r from bosses and never from the merchants or the goat. If anything combining items with the goat is gambling. My opinion the odds are just horrible. The best items you get have good stats but have like one defense. I don't know if it's supposed to be a trade-off between good stats and at and attributes or what but the system is broke

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