61 thoughts on “High Stakes Poker versus Doyle Brunson $352,700 Pot

  1. The idea is Polker Hands started becoming extremely popular you immediately started making similar videos for your channel. Why can't you just admit that?

  2. i watched you movie a few weeks and… unsub for me.
    low quality channel, low entertainment, not funny, not learn so… what point?

  3. it couldn't be that he put you on a club draw, and wanted to make you pay handsomely to try to draw to your flush?
    You're the master of calling a pre-flop raise with 67 suited, or something else that others might not play in that position. If you had two clubs in your hand with no pair, all you have is that draw, and you possibly check-raised because of your hand's potential and to get Doyle off his hand. I bet if you were to ask him, that's exactly what he was thinking…. you had nothing but a club draw and he wasn't going to let you see more cards without paying heavily. You're at 34% and he has a heavy chance to felt you.

  4. Why don't you emphasise the fact you have made more money from poker than Doug Polk ever could??

    These newcomer fan girls need this…

  5. Daniel, what would be funny is if you could reenact some of these gsn hands with the actual players. Even the players that are there but not even in the hand.

  6. Daniel I'm 32 and my hair is thinning on top and seems to be getting worse… who did you go to and who do you recommend for that? this is a serious question not a troll question

  7. This is so stupid that you're posting old videos instead of making new ones. Screams laziness to me and hundreds of other viewers I'm sure.

  8. That is a bad raise. Daniel could have the king of clubs with any other card as long as its suited and now he's got half the deck twice.

  9. Honestly like when u have 3 8s ur not thinking that much ur like I'm gonna try and make it seem like I'm bluffing that's all

  10. Wish you'd breakdown of that royal screwup you had, were you had a Nut straight.Shoving on a board and betting patterns, that clearly said he had a Nut flush

  11. Dan, I love your videos. So what if this is similar to other breakdowns? When it comes to analysing poker in a video format, there are only so many ways to do things.

  12. Which changes do you make in order to get more energy, the right motivation and a rush of positive thinking?
    How well do YOU know yourself? Your strong sides. Weak spots.

    Not as a poker player. On a personal level. Even thought they go hand by hand.

  13. 0:03 – "I've been breaking hand from high stake poker for many many years. I've been breaking hands for, I dunno, 20 years".
    Woow . . . !!!! Great. You're the best. You're a poker master. A Poker Guru. Anyone else is just a copycat.

  14. I have wierd question
    What are your walls made of? And this cabinet for trophys? Is it just painted drywall? 😀

  15. Why'd you spend 30 seconds of a 4:30 minute video defending yourself posting video breakdowns? Why even give those people your air time? The vast vast majority of us are here watching you because we want to watch you break down the vids. we dont care about some stupid feud between you and other 'personalities'.

  16. "You know how I played on high stakes poker. I loved to call down. I payed to see those cards"
    considers folding middle set on a two-tone board when Doyle jams

    Makes total sense to me.

  17. I remember Daniel had poker training video course in 2010. This video is from that course i guess. And the hand is really simple, nothing to discuss. So thanks for video but not a great job.

  18. danny i really wanna know, theres this hand u played with esfandiari somewhere where there was a straight flush board and he bet 3k river u reraised to 9k i wanna know if u had it or not

  19. Hi Daniel,
    I've found you on Andrea Esca's video. Like what are you doing. Noi oamenii din Romania te iubim!!

  20. If you say you are a romanian,why when you play poker on tv appear the canadian flag ? I know you born in Canada but you are a romanian ! For me and for all the romanians that's a big deal ! Please answer to my question !

  21. Did i guys really play that High back then? 500-1000 often with stradles to. Nowaday 100-200 Is Top. What has happend? Did i actually maybe just play for like 10% of IT ?

  22. Hey Daniel , I just wanted to say you have been a huge inspiration, I love watching you in action on the felt and love watching videos on Your channel , I play on pokerstars and have been playing for a couple months , I haven't had much luck but have been trying to put 6hrs a day on the tables , and hopefully make a few majors in my time ;), your such a character and your attitude towards other players and the game is amazing.about an hour before I play I will watch a video or two to refreshen and prepare my mind for the mental battle which is about to take place. Just wanted to say a massive thank you for hours of entertainment, keep winning them bracelets bro you deserve them !

  23. what a garbage hand to analyze, just an old school player way over playing their hand, totally prices out flush draws from calling, only getting called by better

  24. What's the pay-per-view rate for watching DNegs and PolkerStar play heads up 250k freezeout? How many viewers would it get?

  25. Doyle might have thought u have the king with a club draw. The problem is you cannot see your opponent hands and can only make assumptions and decide on that matter. I'm sure this happens to a lot of games

  26. I am assuming you can think about hands even faster than you can talk about them, which is literally terrifying and awesome.

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