Honest Sex

(slow jam music) – Wait. Uh, hold on. – Am I crushing you? – No, of course not. I just thought we should talk, you know, or check in before we you know. Just so no one gets mad. – Yeah, yeah. That’s a really good idea. – Yeah. – You start. – OK. Well, I like you a lot, Maya, but I don’t think I’m ready
for a relationship right now. – Well that’s ridiculous. We’re already in a relationship. I mean, just not a monogamous one, but every connection that
you have with someone is a relationship. – True. I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m not really ready for
a monogamous relationship. – What do you mean “ready”? – Well, just with work
and you know things– – ‘Cause I don’t think that I will ever be ready for monogamy. – What? – I don’t believe in a
monogamous lifestyle. I’ve tried it before and it
just doesn’t work for me. – Oh, well, nice. – No, but I mean, if
that’s what you’re most comfortable with then we
probably should’t sleep together ’cause we don’t want the same things. – This some kind of trick? Like a mind trick? Getting me to commit? – Yeah! (laughs) After years of self-reflection
and experimentation, I’ve formed this very
specific life philosophy for the sole purpose of forcing some guy into a exclusive relationship. Yeah. – I’m sorry. I should just go. – Why? – Because, I just thought,
you know, you’re pissed. – Why would I be pissed? – I don’t know. – OK, first rule of date club, if I’m pissed, I’m gonna tell you. Come here. Let’s figure this thing out. Do you enjoy spending time with me? – Yes. – Are you attracted to me? – Obviously. – Are you comfortable with
me seeing other people? – Well see, is this a
hypothetical question or are you actually seeing other people? – I’m seeing some other people, sure. – Like how many? There’s that many? – No, it’s just not
that easy of a question to answer because it changes all the time. Like, you know, my friend, Jessie. – [Man with Black Hair] Yeah, that girl you always work out with. – Yeah, well, Jessie’s actually a guy and sometimes we hang out after, but other than that, it’s just
some friends here and there, and my best friend from high school. But what about you? I mean, we haven’t been seeing
each other for that long. There must be some other
girls floating around. – I mean, I don’t know. There was like this one girl who I was sort of chatting with online. – Oh that’s awesome. What was she like? – I don’t know. We actually never met up. – That’s too bad. So are you still online? – No, no. – Why, I’ve met some
really great people online. Like I met this guy, Paul. – Hi, Maya. – [Maya] And Dave. – Hey, Maya. – [Maya] Oh and Raul. – Hey, Maya. – That’s what so great about it. Everybody offers you something different. – What do I offer you? – So far, companionship, a little bit of sexual tension. – Are you fucking that
guy from your office? The one that always writes
on your Facebook wall? (moaning in pleasure) – Ryan? Awwwww. No way. He has a girlfriend. You guys are so cute. – So? – They are monogamous. That’s against the rules. – So there are rules? – Well of course there are rules. Do you think I just
hump anything that moves regardless of the situation? – Well my gut’s telling me yes, but your tone’s telling me no. You are not who I thought you were. – Who did you think I was? – I don’t know. Normal? Not a– – Slut? – Woah. Woah, woah, woah. You said that, not me. – Yeah, but when I say it, I don’t think of it as a bad thing. – It’s not a bad thing. It’s definitely not a bad thing. – I know. – (laughs) Of course you know. It’s just isn’t it a little bit unusual? Don’t you get jealous? – Sometimes. But then you talk about it or you move on. It’s just all about figuring out what you can and can’t handle. Like right now. Could you handle a back
rub to help you relax? – I think so. (Maya laughs) – Wow, you’re really good at that. – What else could you handle? – Stuff. – Can you handle this? – Yeah. – Can you handle this? – Yeah. – Can you handle me? (“Truth in Their Eyes”)

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