How Fortnite TRICKS Your Brain! | The SCIENCE… of Fortnite Battle Royale

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100 thoughts on “How Fortnite TRICKS Your Brain! | The SCIENCE… of Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. Flow. Momentum.
    Did it. Was not worf (It actually was very worf. But. don't do it.)

  2. "Why you're still playing Fortnite." How many other people found that funny because they haven't played or barely played Fortnite?

  3. Thank u now i can tell my friend on ps4 i found my job in the future i want be a techolgy guy thank u game theriost team 🙂

  4. I’ve picked the game apart in the past saying how silly and stupid it looks. I tried it for the first time a fortnite (fortnight) ago and I’ve been HOOKED! Addictive as hell. Silly but fun as heck!

  5. I’m a low risk player and get into the top 5-10 quite often. Even won a match from being ‘stealthy.’ It’s amusing seeing people move right past, beneath or above you completely oblivious!

  6. I get bored after 1 round so this video makes no sense to me and at this point I feel 9,000,000 levels below average because everyone is better than me

  7. yeah but how mobile games fail is that the tasks they give you often don't feel rewarding. They also make their quests mandatory to enjoy new things added to the game.

  8. i am apparently immune to fortnite brain tricks, i played it for around one hour and never touched it besides deleting it ever again.
    fortnite sucks btw

  9. Ha fortnite has no power on me I was able to quit world of war crack there is no way that I would ever find that game fun

  10. This is halarious so many people are getting offended some saying that there not addicted so if your not addicted to the game why get so offended? If you weren’t you’d probably act like it’s no big deal…hmm…weird

  11. I don’t like Fortnite. In fact, I want to take it down! What I am doing here is strictly professional.

  12. At the end I was so worried that Austin would not finish all the way but instead let the video cut out at 99% before Z

  13. I’ve always stayed away from Fortnite because it’s so popular, I’m not planning on becoming one of “those people” anytime soon

  14. I mean, honestly, I don’t understand why Fortnite is so addicting. I mean I can say many things about Fortnite. But this is what I know. Fortnite, well. It SUCKS. Honestly I don’t know why it’s even fun. I mean all you do is build and shoot. And I know it has weekly updates and and its graphics are interesting. Well, what about roblox? Well roblox is interesting. So many games to play. I even asked a Fortnite advice why roblox sucks. He said it has bad graphics. WHAT ABOUT FORTNITES GRAPHICS. I mean. All of you guys might not even know roblox games. But there is a roblox game called the canyon. And the graphic
    Seem like the graphics in Forza horizon 4. Seems funny but it’s true. Second point. Why does Fortnite get 1 billion users in less than 2 years. In fact when I used to go to my friends house, they asked me if I want to play hide and seek. And after Fortnite , they will be like, WANNA PLAY A MATCH OF FORTNITE BABY IM DOWN FOR A MATCH. Honestly I can tell you that in conclusion, Fortnite is more addicting than heroin. Again the fu. In Fortnite isn’t even an opinion. Neither is it a fact. It’s supernatural . Again feel free to say whatever you want. Thankfully Minecraft has taken over because of pewdiepie so phew

  15. well same way you can look at cocaine, scientist figuring how to make most money, or scientist figuring out how to make us happy.

  16. Fast foward to 2019… Fortnite died. Minecraft took over its throne. Although, Fortnite does still have a strong playerbase to this day.

  17. I think I'm broken
    1. I don't care about progress
    2. I get tired after being too consistent
    3. I always think I'm below average (To expect for the worst so I won't be too stressed about being the worst)
    4. I get REALLY distracted and have a short memory span (zeigernic and ovsionkina effect don't work on me)
    5. I don't care about anything


  18. Im in a war which game is better minecraft the best game eveeeeeeerrrrrrr vs fortnite and to me fortniteeeeeee ssuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkssssssssss!!!!!!!

  19. Well probably u too are brainwashing with this video
    From the music and the way u speak
    Also at the begging u stopped the chargement at 33%
    Highiest grade of freemasonry and the death of Jesus Christ

  20. But i didn't play fortnite anymore so what you said about players keep playing thr same game doesn't apply to me at all

  21. I can confirm that whole "Low Risk players feeling accomplished" thing. I just started playing fortnite the other day. Within hours of getting the hang of the controls (which included going from PS4 to desktop since ARGH!), I was in the top ten for the rest of the night around 70% of the time.

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