How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : How to Take Bets in Blackjack

Hi. My name is Melissa Powell and I’m with
Expert Village. We’re going to continue our discussion on playing Blackjack today. Now
we’re going to get to the betting aspect of this game. The beginning of the game, the
Dealer will say, “place your bets” by sliding her hand across the table just like that.
I will say, “place your bets” and everyone is expected to place a bet. Now it doesn’t
make any difference what you put out. You could put out your whole stack, one chip,
two chips, you don’t have to bet the same as anybody else. That is not like Poker. So
let’s say everyone has placed their bets. Here we are and these are their hands that
they keep on to themselves and these are their bets. Now I go ahead and start dealing the
cards just as we had. One card face up, just like so, and one card face down to myself.
I continue and we start again over here. This Player has fourteen. Let’s say they’d like
to take a hit. Eighteen, an excellent hand. They stay right there. Sixteen, let’s say
this Player wants to stay. Nineteen, this Player wants to stay. And over here we have
twelve. This Player has twelve and will most likely want another card. They got a seven,
nineteen, an excellent hand. We move on here to the next Player, who has a six and a three,
a nine. I’m sure they’d want another card so they take a hit. And they drew a King,
a ten. Another nineteen. A very excellent hand for this Player. So now we continue on
to the Dealer, and I reveal the card underneath my nine. An Ace. This is a perfect opportunity
to discuss the value of an Ace card. In the game of Blackjack, an Ace can be either a
one as it is numerically in cards, or an eleven. And in this case, obviously I would like it
to be an eleven. So I have a total of twenty in front of me. As close to twenty-one as
I can get. Now, I’ve beat everyone else on the table, thereby I must take all of their
chips. So I go now from right to left in collecting chips. I take the chips, and now I clean up
their cards. No one won. Hopefully next time.

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  1. she delt her hand wrong, she flipped the second card she got over, shes supposed to flip her first card over… wow!

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