How to Be a Blackjack Dealer : The Advantages of Dealing in Blackjack

Hi, my name is Melissa Powell and I’m with
Expert Village. Today we’re going to talk about all of the ins and outs of dealing professional
poker. I’m with a company called Dealer Dolls. High end, professional, sexy poker dealers.
I’ve been with them for a few years now, since the very beginning. We deal all sorts of events
all over Los Angeles. It’s a fabulous opportunity to meet people. I came back here from New
York City. I went to NYU, I’m an actor. I cam out and met the Dealer Dolls. Which has
been a fantastic experience for me. I love meeting people, I love talking to people.
Once you really pick up the dealing, the actual rules of the game, it’s a great way to meet
people, talk to people and make some extra money. I love dealing poker. It’s a lot of
fun. Once you really learn how to do it, because there are a lot of hard things about it. Once
you get all of those things under your belt, It’s a great way to have fun, meet people
and really get in on the fabulous world of dealing poker. There’s so many people that
play now. It’s a big, big, big industry. To be a part of it, is a great thing. I want
to talk about several things about dealing poker today. One of the first and most important
things is the shuffle. That’s were we’re going to start. It is the basic shuffle and riffle
of dealing poker. Let’s start with our basic.

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