How to be a Popular Twitch Gambler

Hey guys, today I’m going to be showing
you how to be a popular csgo gambler on twitch. First off, this microphone is too good. I
can’t be using a decent quality mic. I can’t afford something like that when I’m betting
over $12,000. Let me find the cheapest headset mic I can find because I keep breaking them
when I have the temper tantrum like a child. Alright, now this mic is MUCH better. Now
you can hear the static and everything in the background, perfect for the streaming
experience. Alright, now let me just warm up for the stream by screaming to lose my
voice. *cough* *mlg scream* Alight now we’re ready to go! Now I need to set up how my steam will look.
I wonder what kind of nice layout I could make for it….oh cool, OBS has an overlay
function? Let me just throw up on my screen real quick. There we go, now that looks like
a professional stream. Let me just add some obnoxious sound effects in there and I should
be good to go! Alright, first I think I should do a trade
up contract. Let’s see, if I want to do the trade up at 8pm, I should probably start
it at noon and leave the tradeup contract screen open for the next 8 hours to get as
many viewers and ad rev before I do the actual trade up. *yell random bullshit*
“What do
you mean I’m being too loud? Go to bed? What are you stupid, I still have pots to
hit yet” Alright, now I’m just going to wait for
decent pot to come up. Since I can’t control my gambling addiction, I’m going to open
cases in the meantime to get my quick fix. Oh shit Milk is in this one here we go! Put
me in, put me in! What? No I’m playing that Milk bitch” I’m going in with 79 pennies.
Hooooly shit. Oh this is big. MOE WTF WHY “ Holy shit HOLY SHIT! NOOOOOOOOO!
Alright, I know it was a rough day, but maybe I can do some coin tosses or som…wait, wtf
is this shit? The fuck Twitch? Look at this shit guys, wtf? Look at this stupid new rule
“non-gameplay” WTF? What am I supposed to do now, play the fucking game? *seinfeld
bass line*

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100 thoughts on “How to be a Popular Twitch Gambler

  1. i am drunk and i think you're funny… that is the mvp of the year.. making someone laugh while there drunk…

  2. this was the most truthfull video i have everseen phantomlord is so fucking shit how do people watch that aids

  3. I'm really tired of seeing gambling videos and streams, I'm not even sure why they get any viewership to begin with.

  4. Gambling of any kind should go under the gambling tab of twitch, not csgo. I shouldn't have to sift through multiple streams just to find gameplay.

  5. Lol i honestly wonder what phantomlord will do now streaming. probobly case openings (if it stupidly doesn't count)

  6. wait i don't get it i've seen a lot of girls just dancing doing none gaming content , fokin twitch sexiest

  7. i hate fagtom lord, i hate moe, i hate reddit, i hate the cs go community, i hate dosia. jk dosia is the hottest man alive

  8. I used to watch PhantomLord stream League of Legends. But now he does this because it makes him lots of money.

  9. How to be a rich CS:GO "player" : First of all, you need to spend 1000's of dollars on pixels. Then, you need to go on a map and repeatedly shoot and inspect the gun. Wait, what do you mean "play with the weapons"? What does that mean?

  10. it is a bit late but u frogot some important steps need your own gambling site 2.if u cant make ur site u need to be rich 3.just win every pot if the site is yours and make 0.01 win 10 dragon lores and rekt everyone

  11. Loool, altho honestly how do I get rid of all the wind noises and stuff on my mic??? I wanna get a better mic where I can actually talk and not have my viewers hear "whooodhdbb sjskaksndnd" all the time

  12. I️ felt like before this I️ was the only person who noticed phantom lord doesn’t actually play csgo and just gambles.

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