How to do Card Tricks : How to Hold Playing Cards while Dealing a Hand

Hi! I’m Chris McKay on behalf of Expert I am going to show you right now the proper way of holding deck of cards
and again it may seem basic but there are some things that are pretty important about
how you hold the deck of cards. First of all, I mean a huge thing; this is called a mechanic’s
grip when the cards are just sitting in your dominant hand or your not dominant hand. I
am a right-handed I hold the deck in my left hand, okay and you just let them kind of rest
between your palm and at the bases of fingers and a lot of people don’t know what to do
with this pointer finger. You should have it on the top of the deck and basically the
reason for that is that it gives something for the cards to square against putting the
finger under here or putting your pointer finger around like this which a lot of people
do this. They just wrap their hand all the way around and the cards can easily jump out
of your hand like this if your pointer isn’t there to sort of secure them in there and
also just the cards just fall right into this corner between these two fingers here really
nicely, so you want that. If you are transferring the cards over onto your right hand this is
called brittle grip, which is just gripping the cards from above primarily with your middle
finger and your ring finger and your thumb on the other side and the reason for this
is that it just fits nicely together with mechanics grip. You see if I am holding with
both hands, I’ve pretty much got a solid grip of the deck, but that’s mechanics grip
and that’s brittle grip.

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11 thoughts on “How to do Card Tricks : How to Hold Playing Cards while Dealing a Hand

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    I had a deck just like this one but i forgot it in a hotel room in Paris. All i got left is the box. Probably the best deck in the world.

  2. yeah, I just an ace of hearts & a 10 of diamonds… still a great deck, but I won't be playing solitaire with it… xD

  3. you are not actually teaching us anything…..the things you showed are coming naturally these things can not be mistaken everybody has its own way of keeping the cards it is like walking.Can you forget how to walk?

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