How to Do ESP Magic Tricks : Poker Chip Magic Trick Explanation

I’m Joe Marshall with Expert
and today we are going to look through the eyes of somebody else and talk about remote
viewing. This is the explanation on how to do the affect with the chip under the can.
If there isn’t a can and there is a coffee mug or something, this will work to. You can
get creative with it and I’ll explain that later. They can use the chips that they have.
They can use somebody else’s chip. They can use the chips that are still left in the
case that the chips come in so that they can take one out and shut the lid. It’s not
about anything that is happening over here. What you do need is a friend at the table
that can give you a signal on exactly what it is and is really simple. For example, they
will take a green chip and they will place it in the center of the table. You just say
to somebody to put a can over the chip and your buddy is going to act on that. He is
going to pick up the can and cover it and when you turn back around, the way to tell
if it is black, red, blue, green or white, is the way the direction that the tab is facing.
If it is facing at 12:00 like if the tab was a clock, it is going to be green; if is facing
at 3:00 it would be a black chip; if it is facing you at 6:00 it would be a white chip
and so. And that is basically how it works. However, if you get somebody at the table
since it’s your friend and they are going to try to mess around with you and they don’t
put anything under there at all. They just say that they did. Your friend that sits the
can down is just going to lift the tab a bit. Just slightly. When you turn back around,
you can see it slightly lifted and that basically means that they did not put anything under
there and from there, you can just change the presentation to like I’m seeing what
you did and I cannot see a chip up under that. I don’t think you put anything under there.
Sometimes it is more amazing because they thought that they had you and they really

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