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To download a starter game for your child’s
Leapster2, you first need to download then install the LeapFrog Connect Application on
your computer. Create a LeapFrog account, and enter information about who plays with
the toy. You can then download a game for your child’s Leapster2 and collect rewards
your child has earned. You can also see your child’s play and the skills they are exploring
on the LeapFrog Learning Path. If you haven’t already downloaded the application, go to and click on Leapster2. This will take you to the Leapster2 learning
game system customer support page. Please note that you must be connected to the internet
to download LeapFrog Connect. On the Leapster2 customer support page, select the LeapFrog
Connect download for your operating system. The application is available for the PC and
Mac. If you’re using a PC, click the run option when you are asked whether you want to run
or save the file. Click run again, when asked whether you want to run the software. If you’re
using a Mac, download the installer to your computer. After the download is complete,
find the LeapFrog Connect installer on your computer, and double-click to open. Once LeapFrog
Connect is downloaded to your computer, you’ll see a welcome screen. You will be instructed
to make sure that all other programs are closed on your computer. When all other programs
are closed, click next and follow the prompts to complete the installation. Installation
can take several minutes and include pauses, so please be patient. When finished, you’ll
see a screen confirming that the LeapFrog Connect Application has successfully installed
on your computer. Click the continue button to set up your child’s Leapster2. If you just
completed downloading and installing the LeapFrog Connect Application, you will be directed
to the LeapFrog Connect home screen. If you previously installed the Connect Application,
open LeapFrog Connect by clicking the LeapFrog Connect icon on your computer desktop. You
can also launch LeapFrog Connect from your computer’s program files. Click set up your
Leapster2 and follow the on-screen instructions to connect your child’s handheld to your computer
with the included USB cable. You’ll now need to create a LeapFrog Parent account. Your
LeapFrog Parent account is the first step to downloading a free starter game to your
child’s Leapster2, and giving you access to the LeapFrog Learning Path which offers personalized
insight into the skills your child is exploring while playing with LeapFrog products. It also
enables your child to collect rewards they’ve earned on their devices. Creating a LeapFrog
Parent account is easy! Just enter your name, email address, your year of birth, year of
birth is used to determine eligibility and will not be saved, and choose a password.
Then click, agree and continue. If you already have a LeapFrog account, click sign in, to
enter your email address and password on the already have an account screen. After creating
your LeapFrog account, you’ll need to provide information about who plays with the toy.
This will create a personal LeapFrog Learning Path for your child, and allows you to see
the skills your child is exploring as he or she plays with their Leapster2 handheld. Click
who plays with this, and enter your child’s first name, month and year of birth, grade
level and gender, then click save. Repeat the process for each player name. When you’re
finished, click finish. Now you’ll be directed to the LeapFrog Connect home page. All of
the LeapFrog toys that you have connected will be displayed in the center of the screen.
Click a player name to enter the Leapster2 view. If you see a yellow button with an exclamation
mark next to any player name, that means your child’s toy is not completely set up. Click
the yellow button and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the set up. The first
page you’ll see is the Leapster2 home page. You can click on the images to access the
art studio or rewards pages. To download a game onto your child’s Leapster2, you will
need to be connected to the internet. Next, make sure the Leapster2 handheld is turned
on, and connect it to the computer with the included USB cable. Then click on the games
tab. On the games page, review the starter games and choose a game to download. Then
click, download. At the prompt, click yes to confirm that you would like to download
the selected game. Remember, you can only choose one starter game for your child’s Leapster2,
and this selection can not be changed. You’ll see a message indicating that the game download
is in progress. When the game is finished downloading, click continue to return to the
games page where you can see other Leapster2 gamges, download demos, and watch video trailers.
There are two versions of the Leapster2 handheld. One version has built in memory, the other
includes no memory but can accept an SD card. An SD card is a small memory storage device
often used with digital cameras and other electronics to store information. You can
purchase an SD card at most stores that sell electronics. The LeapFrog Connect Application
will alert you on the on my Leapster2 page if you need to install an SD card. The slot
to install the SD card is found inside the battery compartment of your child’s Leapster2
handheld. By default, if your child’s Leapster2 has built in memory, or you’ve installed an
SD card, and the Leapster2 handheld is connected to your computer with the USB cable, then
the game you downloaded will automatically be saved to the Leapster2. To check how much
memory is available, look at the memory gauge, which approximates the amount of memory available
on the Leapster2. To manage downloaded games on your child’s Leapster2 handheld, click
the on my Leapster2 tab. All games will have a green check-mark by default. To remove a
game, click the green check-mark next to the game you want to remove. The green check-mark
will disappear. To add a game, simply click on an empty box next to a game, and the green
check-mark will appear. Any changes made to the library will be synchronized with your
child’s Leapster2 as soon as it is connected to your computer with the included USB cable.
Do not disconnect the Leapster2 from your computer while syncing is in progress. You
will see the connection and sync status on the right side of the screen. To safely disconnect
your child’s Leapster2 handheld from your computer, click the eject icon, and then remove
the USB cable from your computer.

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