How to get CS:GO 2014 Beta on Steam for free (FREE TO PLAY)

Hi everyone, so here we will teach you how to get this one… Open Steam, then right click on “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” Then click this box, and then select “demo_viewer – for pre 2013/1/9 demos” After this, click “CLOSE” If your CS GO is not launching or error, follow these steps, Right click on “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”, click “Properties” Click on “LOCAL FILES”, and click “BROWSE LOCAL FILES…” When a window appears, you will see the app named “csgo” Open the “csgo” file and wait for 1 seconds until it’s opened… Um, let’s see if this game works on my low-PC Wow, nice GUI It worked, Wait… Um, is this CS GO What, the menu’s are so ugly If you have low-PC, you will need to set the graphics to “Very low” becuase your FPS will low. But if you have a highest-PC, it’s ok when you set “Very high”… But FPS will make more a bit low… Why the maps are only Dust 2, Dust, and more… 🙁 Let’s try Expert bots for the first time (WARNING: IM NOOB, YOU KNOW) Hmm, wow, nice C4 The Glock-18 looks like CS 1.6 🙂 NEI MAM, no no don’t kill me SMOK WED EBRYDAY My gad, im noob these bots are like pro No!!!! Why! GET REKT NE8T TIME OH MAY GAD, MY GAD I KILL HIM!!!!!!! GET REKT 1 LAST DIE AND I WILL RAGE QUIT Wait… Did i forget anything? OUCH Wait, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I have no rifle NICE GUN BOI No, i will run now And that’s it for the tutorial… If you want to play with me, just comment below… NOTICE: Only demo_viewer version we play

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