How to Host NFS3 or other old school game for online play

How to Host Need for speed III or other old school games 1st You need a Public IP Address and the public IP address
must under your control If You don’t STOP watching this video. Here is a DEMO to show you how to
make sure You have a public IP address. Login to your router,
The (LAN)IP of your router may vary time to time In this example Mine (IP) is Your’s may be end with 1.1 Search your router’s IP(WAN/Internet) address Usually in the state of Internet So This is my (WAN/Internet) IP address of the router. and This IP address is given by your ISP. Some time your ISP give you a private IP address So… Leave you no way to host an old school game. Now head to a web site called This web site will tell you your true public IP If your Public IP is matching your router’s (WAN/Internet) IP This means you probably got
an public IP under your control Next! Know your games This part can be a little trickey for non-technicians. IN this example the game actually told you This port it’s using (port 9803) So you will need to map 9803 to your public ip address in your router But sometime other game don’t tell you You have to use an APP called “Wireshark” to capture the packet them you will know which port this game is using. You can use ifconfig (for Mac/Linux) or ipconfig (windows)
to show your private IP of your PC Here is my Private IP it’s So I gona to map this address with the port of game to the public IP Address on the router. Explod your router settings, to find something called port forwarding or virtual service, or virtual server. Basic they are the same thing. It’s a mapping table of Private IP with port and public IP address with port. You can add a new record like this Fill your private IP of the PC Then type the port you want to be forwarded to the open internet In this example it’s 9803 Remember to choose both TCP and UDP because you don’t know what kind of protocol or port type
the game will use. so choose both. Click Apply and your are good to go now The last thing is to shutdown all firewall on this PC or if you are technical enough You can actually add a policy
to the firewall to let the port passing packet. Finally tell your friends your public IP
and Enjoy

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