How to lower your ping for online games (less lag)

Hello guys ThatLemonGuy here again, another tutorial on how to do stuff. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to lower your ping in game. Before we start uh… need to know that Left click is the red thing and right click is the blue thing. Right, lets get started So we want to come down here and type in regedit, and that’ll bring up this thing. Click yes and you’ll be met with this screen. So you click on local machine here, and then System and then CurrentControlSet down to services, lots of things to click on. And now I have to go all the way down to the “T’s” and find Tcpip uhm… It’s this one Tcpip double click, and then we go to parametres, and… Interfaces. So after you go into interfaces you’ll be met with two to four of these folders here. And we want the one with your local IP
and default gateway to find that out you go CMD in here. Click in it and then type in ipconfig. Push enter and the IPv4 address is your local IP
and the default gateway is the uhm… your default gateway. and that should match up to the numbers in here. So once you found them out you want to make a couple of new uh… new parametres so we go down and… I’m gonna choose 64bit value. Well we go rightclick, new 64 bit value ‘cos my computer’s 64 bit and then it’s Tcp, a-c-k for acknowledgement uh… frequency hopefully thats how you spell frequency right so that’s one. Now we go right click on it, modify and we want to change the value to “1” and make sure its on hexidecimal and another one we go new again uh… whats this one called TcpNoDelay Because we don’t want it to delay. uh… Modify that and we also make that “1”. Now this will reduce your ping in game. You’ll need to restart your um connection, restart your connection so just restart your computer or.. turn off your wifi whatever for this to take effect, um… It works best on games like World of Warcraft, LOL, Guild wars. It works better on those games than it does on first person shooters. It only works slightly on first person games. It also works quite well on strategy games,
real-time or turn based. ‘Cos uh… those particular games use
TCP connections that’s we’re modifying here First person shooters are more based on UDP connections which… uhm… yeah. Which you can’t really modify ‘cos with… you can stop the video now if you want I’m just getting into the techical side of things things pretty much what this does is we changed the default frequency
which is set in here to be really really fast and we… well the yeah… the acknoledgement frequency and then we make it have no delay. So uh… that’s how you make… well lower your ping in games. Works better for some games than it does others. so really for first person shooters it’ll only reduce it by about 10 or games like LOL or world of warcraft it’ll reduce it by a good amount. depends where the servers are and everything Right, bye guys I hope you enjoyed the tutorial.

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18 thoughts on “How to lower your ping for online games (less lag)

  1. PPL say that Romania has one of the best internet connections, but quess what…fuck it, because it just sucks, internet in romania simply just sucks, i tried this method (btw on LOL so it should be working fine) but it didn't work (just as i expected)

  2. I get a 200+ Ping in War Thunder game but after sometime of Playing it shoots to over 999 ping will this work in War Thunder game?

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